Rev. Wright Debacle Highlights White Racial Delusions

Finally. The delusion of white Amerikkka is becoming obvious for even the most intellectually stubborn spectators, whites, to see and understand. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, one of the top rated Black preachers amongst Blacks in the US is laying bare, the repulsively deluded reality of race neutral politics as it is practiced by Obama or by anyone. The corporate press reflects and conditions white notions of reality as they pertain to race. The corporate press has villified and demonized Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In doing so, they have made a caricature of the views he extolls and represents in his speeches and sermons. Those views are the views of many if not most of Black America.

The campaign against Rev. Wright is therefore serving the same purpose, in this regard, as the Barack Obama presidential campaign. It stands to discredit the very legitimate political perspective and expression of Black people in the United States. This is not a new project. For decades, conservative and liberal forces have colluded towards the end of delegitimizing Black protest and Black oriented struggle by using slogans that Obama has decided to base his campaign on. Things like, there is only one America and as Obama specifically put it, “there is no white America, there is no black America”. Of course this is bullshit. Bullshit stated and repeated to appeal not to Blacks but whites.

Because of the legitimate struggle combined with the concessions made during the 60s by the establishment, whites can no longer en masse simply kill or torture large groups of unimprisoned Black people in this country when we make political grievances. Whites used to do just that when Black folks had the temerity to be so uppity as to protest or try to organize against the force of establishment white supremacy aligned against us. They still torture and kill those of us imprisoned. And on occassion they do the same to ‘free’ Blacks but no longer can they do it en masse as they used to. Therefore, the battle is fought on another plane. Since they cannot kill us, full spectrum informational and ideological white supremacy is deployed in the attempt to remove all legitimacy from claims firmly rooted in statistics and historical facts that aren’t disputed. The Barack Obama presidential candidacy and the Rev. Wright electronic lynching, specifically, are the latest installments of a decades long campaign that makes George Orwell look embarrassingly conservative. Not content with rewriting history but with the likes of the NYTimes, FoxNews, CNN and crazy local media across the country, this campaign doesn’t wait for history to happen but creates reality in real time.

The mass delusion currently afflicting white America encourages and craves the lies of Barack Obama and cannot accept the portrait painted by a Jeremiah Wright. Not even a Wright backed up by millions of real Blacks in this country. But that is the nature of delusion. It, and they, denies reality to the end.

Many Black folks rejected the candidacy of Barack Obama from the beginning, citing the common sense logic that he was brought unto the national stage by corporatists inside the Democratic Party and therefore would be controlled by corporatists and bound to corporate (read: white) logic. The minority of Black voices saying and writing this were hard to hear underneath the cheers of Black and guilty, liberal white voices. That was years ago. Now time has become short and the the corporate (read: white) logic of Barack Obama has come full circle and for lack of a better title, the endgame can be called Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Corporate (read: white) political logic employed by a aesthetically Black candidate can never end up anywhere but where we are now, the rejection of the reality of Black political opinion in this country. Race neutrality, colorblindness and whatever else one might call the rhetorical game that has become the politically acceptable expression of white supremacy and not surprisingly, the main pillar of the Barack Obama campaign, is a dead end for Black people. If it wasn’t obvious in the beginning of the campaign, it can’t be denied now.

I understand the hopes and dreams of the millions of Black folks with Obama dolls under their pillows. I do. But it was a raw deal from the get-go, people. And at this point, the deal has really turned. Maggots are all over it. In his acting performance of angrily denouncing Obama (and all of us) to the cheers of white people, Barack Obama, after dragging Black people all the way to the convention, is pulling off his mask. With only ever having one foot on the reservation to begin with, he has completely, and quite predictably left it. But don’t get mad. And don’t be depressed. That is what the plan was from the beginning. Take a look at a strong, Black woman that isn’t owned by the corporatists and tells all the truths Obama cannot.

We’ll never win playing the corporate game of Democrat and Republican. We must fight outside that entire paradigm. We can win. We must.

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