Atlanta Restaurant Owner Says Obama Is a Monkey

Marietta bar owner Mike Norman is selling a t-shirt depicting former Harvard Law Review president and now US Presidential candidate Barack Obama as a monkey.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting on the incident with a hands off attitude typical of the corporate press whenever whites are accused of racism. The AJC headline reads, ‘Group protests Cobb bar, calls Obama T-shirts racist’. Note, the T-shirt isn’t racist. A group is calling the shirt racist. This is how corporate papers communicate with their white readership while maintaining what they claim is a kind of neutrality. But is it neutral to not take a side when a store owner calls a black man a monkey? The AJC, with its largely white racist readership, believes so. This, unfortunately comes as no surprise. The paper’s history is one of racist story after racist story after homophobic story after…you get the picture.

So when the owner of Mulligan’s Bar and Grill in Cobb County, Georgia decides that in 2008 it would be a good marketing tool to sell images of a Black presidential candidate as a monkey, the AJC and most white Georgians hardly miss a beat. Contextualize this kind of thing with the uproar of Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The AJC saw no reason to feign neutrality in that instance. Not to imply that the cases are on parity with each other. Wright accused the USA of having a foreign policy that is quite in line with the agreed upon historical record. His sin was having the temerity to speak the truth publicly to white folks. On the other hand, white supremacist restaurant owner, Mike Norman is peddling a racist idea long debunked, that a Black man is sub-human, a monkey. In the first case, the AJC joins the national corporate press in attack mode against Rev. Wright and Black political thought more generally. In the latter instance, and in a classic example of 21st century corporate press white supremacist reporting, the AJC, remains ‘neutral’.

As a side note, more than 1 in 3 AJC readers think there is nothing wrong with the Obama is a monkey shirt, according to the online voting module that the AJC thought a good idea to put up on their site.

Sex aside, nothing sells more in the US than racism.

2 Responses to “Atlanta Restaurant Owner Says Obama Is a Monkey”

  1. I don’t know who you are – this was cross-linked to a friend’s blog – but you’re right on, my friend. I’m a white guy who is livid over this kind of BS. I’d hoped we’d be past most of this crap with the country in the sad shape it’s in, and be talking about issues. But I guess the sideshows and distracitons are only just beginning to rev up. It sounds like the AJC and Manchester [NH] Union Leader have far too much in commin – and that Mike Norman should be introduced to Ann Coulter; those two reactionaries deserve each other. (And I’ll bet if Mike Norman saw this note, he’d be pleased with the idea of the match-up….)

  2. mike norman Says:

    how much for a shirt, yes i have same name, i am from portland oregon let me know and ill buy one

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