Barry Bonds and the National White Circus Called Major League Baseball

When it comes to professional sports and race, white fans are like pre-speech toddlers attempting to deliver a lecture on physics. Dave Zirin, whom I don’t always agree with, is one of the only non-Black sportswriters in this country who has a clue.

Professional sports is the national sociological paint canvas upon which racial-psychological politics are metaphorically drawn. Being on the outs in this society, Black folks see this clearly. White folks, rarely actually having to think about race, when called to speak on it, always astonish us with their arrogance but far more often with their extreme ignorance and foolish statements.

The Bonds debacle is all about race. To understand this you have to first understand something political. So if you don’t have the patience to think about things, move along and keep being ignorant cuz you’ll never understand the Barry Bonds saga if you don’t get that this, the United States, is an empire. Like Rome and other empires before, we rule internationally with an unelected, authoritarian iron fist. Domestically, like Rome, we do a lot of jawwing about democracy. Of course the domestic population gets screwed just like the foreign black and brown and yellow people around the globe. In order to keep all of this moving, the US does what so-called democratic empires always do, it provides a circus to turn the population into spectators of spectacles while the rulers do the heavy lifting on stuff that actually matters in the real world (which is not sports). Because the US’, as Rev Wright put it, birth defect of having been born enslaving a large sector of its working class, the US’ circus of choice has always been race. Ostensibly the circus is the big pro sports. But actually, the circus is race.

The biggest pro sports in the US are football, basketball and baseball. The NFL and NBA are largely Black sports and thus tend to not be as reactionary as other sports dominated by whites because the Black population of the country is generally left wing while whites generally numerically are right wing in a political/ideological sense.

Black people dominate football and basketball overtly. Unlike the NFL and NBA, MLB is only 8% Black and thus it is the most reactionary of the big 3 major sports. Though Blacks aren’t represented much in the composition of MLB, still the most coveted mark in all of baseball is held by a Black citizen. This presents a grand opportunity for the white power structure (and regardless of whether or not you believe it is a good thing or not, no one can deny that there is a white power structure; this is an observable fact. The MLB teams and corporations that provide ad revenue are owned almost 100 percent by white males. This is a fact, not opinion)…so the white power structure takes advantage of its largely white MLB audience to use baseball as a stage to play psych games with the minds of Americans as well as to do what circuses do–distract people. In our case, distractions are designed to keep us from paying attention to politics and the rest of real life.

A quick thought experiment makes this clear. Of course, thought experiments are only as effective as the mind of the person attempting to perform the experiment. And as I mentioned before regarding whites thoughts about race, not so impressive. But anyways, imagine if Barry Bonds was instead named Dale Murphy. Nothing and I mean nothing save him being caught in a photograph–no, a video–shaking hands–no, making a bomb–with Osama Bin Laden would keep him off a team or out of the HOF. White players in the big three pro sports are just about impenetrable when they are superstars. Even Clemens, who has far more evidence against him, isn’t being handled the way that Bonds was/is handled. Bonds, who hasn’t been convicted of anything and who wasn’t even being investigated til it was simply decided that he would be. But the thought experiment. Imagine Dale Murphy had broken Hammerin Hank’s record of long balls. The steroid thing would never have come up. Anyone who is honest knows that this is true. We would be discussing building Dale Murphy skyscrapers, naming ballparks after him and sending him around the world as a diplomat for world peace or something. When white players achieve the highest heights only convictions and getting caught red-handed will get them in hot water. And as evidenced by Pete Rose, even when caught red-handed, the punishment has temporal limitations. When Black players f/k up, they’re done. They either go to prison never again to see any kind of contract or even positive publicity, or they are just erased from memory. There are more examples of this than I care to take time to cite. But just look at the behavior of a very white sports like tennis or cycling and the kid gloves deployed to respond to it.
Jenifer Capriati – was on crack but now hailed as comeback kid
Martina Hingis – also caught doing crack; gets to keep all her titles and no bad publicity circus
Lance Armstrong – lots of testimony from people close to him that he used cocaine cocktails and steroids to enhance his performance yet he still gets big endorsement deals and commentators ignore the same kind of hearsay they have virtually convicted Bonds with. Actually the Lance Armstrong hearsay they ignore is much worse than Bonds. But anyways. You get the picture, I hope.

The racial double standard in pro sports is undeniable by anyone that can put two brain cells together for a thought or two. But the Barry Bonds hearsay attack saga rolls on unabated. Meanwhile, over a million Iraqi kids are dead due to a military conflict ordered by white CEOs and their political representatives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Millions more suffer torture in US prison gulags for petty drug charges and tens of millions die slowly because white CEOs won’t allow them or their kids to see a physician until it is too late to do much to help them. All these things happen day in, day out and the same whites that will spend all afternoon coming up with cute remarks to make about Barry Bonds’ lack of a moral code ride around with facist yellow ribbons on their cars and trucks. Right underneath the “W” or “Kerry/Edwards” sticker. They worship those killers while taking a stand on Barry and his behavior in the clubhouse. You people aren’t hypocrites. You all are psychopaths.

If there was a God (which there isn’t) I wish she’d transform this country into something with humanity.

11 Responses to “Barry Bonds and the National White Circus Called Major League Baseball”

  1. You need to get a clue…Barry Bonds issue about race? So they can strip him of the home run title and give it to the guy everyone accepts as the all-time home run leader, Hank Aaron…who is ALSO black?!

    People will start listening to black people’s complaints about fairness when they’re sane, non-whiny and objective. I don’t see much in the way of affirmative action for white people to be represented in Olympic sprinting, or the NBA. I don’t hear a big problem with Tiger Woods being the role model for all golfers. Barack Obama MUST be getting a lot of the white vote to be at all where he is.

    Bottom line, stop complaining.

  2. Affirmative action for white people lasted for about 400 years. But of course geniuses like yourself don’t like to lookat it that way.

  3. Furthermore, if you mistook what was happening here as an appeal for whites to listen and do the right thing, you missed the point. It’s the opposite, actually. Most whites are far from a point where rational dialog is even possible. I write in the hope that non-white peoples will rethink the strategy of attempting to engage whites in dialog. As you eagerly illustrate, whites (most but not all) are incapable of participating in race dialog.

  4. So if you’re actively encouraging the abandonment of dialogue, what exactly are you advocating instead?

  5. p.s. I actually went back and read your post. While I’d like to go back and point out the many obvious fallacies in your arguments (like for example, the fact that public opinion is now largely against Roger Clemens and that Pete Rose, unlike Barry Bonds has been actively banned from the Hall of Fame), I know from past attempts that trying to speak rationally with you is a fruitless exercise (which, based on your response above, I guess is by design).

    I hope you get over your hatred someday.

  6. I don’t encourage the abandonment of dialog. You’re a white guy so you don’t need to read my post to know how impossible to talk to you and most of your peeps are when it comes to race. You guys know very little (almost nothing) but talk as if you’re Phd’s.

    This makes constructive dialog difficult muh man. You need to back down and be a little humble about things you know little about. Tall task. I know. But I’m always open when that very basic condition is met.

  7. That’s an interesting response from someone who comes across as being possibly the most arrogant and condescending person I’ve ever experienced.

  8. If you think a Black person in the US is the most arrogant person you’ve ever come across, that says quite a bit about arrogance and ignorance all by itself, monsieur.

  9. See, that right there is your problem: not everything is about race. I don’t think you’re arrogant and condescending because you’re a black person in the United States. I think you’re arrogant and condescending because you write as if you’re the only person is intelligent and informed enough to understand anything, and that white people are inherently too stupid and too ignorant to understand anything.

    You seem to be an intelligent person to me, but an expert on humility you clearly are not.

  10. White people ARE inherently ignorant. Now that I’ve shocked you, read on for the qualification. You as a human, Luke, are not inherently ignorant. But white, you are not, at least not inherently. Not automatically. Whiteness is an oppressive construct. Whiteness is nothing but oppression. It’s not a descriptor. It is oppression.

    Therefore, because of the psychic damage that whiteness always does in the current global social order to those humans among us lacking melanin, white people are, from the beginning of their lives, socialized to be ignorant. As members of a global oppressor clan, there is a list of reality points that white people just don’t get. This is inherent in the social construct of whiteness. Not in the genetic composition of people without melanin.

    Follow me? So if you detect an attitude, I would submit that, yes, I do have one. But I would also challenge you to begin a journey to more deeply understand the character of the mindfuck whiteness has done to you. I would challenge you to read Black authors and scholars and take a more critical approach to what it means to be white in a world largely constructed on the foundation of white supremacy, globally.

    See, as part of the socialization process of white supremacy, most white folks, without thinking about it of course, see themselves and other whites as superior. I would like to emphasize that they, and probably you, DO NOT THINK ABOUT THIS MUCH, therefore this is largely not a malicious dynamic. But why is it that white people don’t read Black scholars? And why is the opinion and perspective of Black intellectuals like Eric Williams, Kimberle Crenshaw, Joe Feagin, Derrick Bell, Cheik Ante Diop et al when they examine global white supremacy, not taken as seriously as the white intellectuals who examine political structures in a race neutral manner?

    Embedded white supremacist thinking doesn’t even allow this very basic question to come up in the minds of most white folks. In other words, white intellectuals and white ideas trump Black intellectuals and Black ideas without a debate. This is white supremacist thinking. And I think the historical evidence is so very long and overly sufficient that Blacks will easily win these debates.

    But white supremacy makes these debates unnecessary for whites. White people can reach strong conclusions about race without hearing from Blacks because white people, on some level, see the Black opinion as less strident, less necessary, less valid, than the white opinion. This is because on some level they see Black people as being less valid, less capable, less rational than whites. These white racist assumptions short circuit white critical thinking and lead to whites holding the most irrational positions about all kinds of things in our world, race itself being the subject whites tend to handle most irrationally. But other subjects are handled poorly as well because race affects so much of the way the planet is ordered. Fundamental misunderstandings or just plain ignorance regarding race makes white people crazy and irrational about a long menu of items and issues and topics. This is why it seems like Black and white people exist in different universes when they try to dialog. It’s not that Black people are perfect. We have all kinds of fucked up shit and dynamics going on while we try to exist in this sick capitalist system, but white people, on the other hand, are even more out to lunch on soooo many things because they don’t understand race and how it has ordered and structured the entire planet under white supremacy. It’s not just the 9th ward in New Orleans. It’s the Earth we’re talking here.

    Name five non-white developed countries quickly off the top of your head. Then name five white developing countries. Quickly. Off the top of your head. It’s not a mistake that almost no one can do this. The world is ordered along white supremacist lines. Understanding this is the beginning to understanding the social, cultural and political order of everything. Not understanding this is to simply wander around with largely a head full of off-base ideas, resting on constructed white conception that is disconnected from the material facts of the real world.

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