Memorial Day: A Time For What?

No war fought by the US thus far has benefited Black people in the US, or anywhere for that matter.  Therefore, what stake do Black people have in the celebration of Memorial Day in the USA?  A day devoted to honoring the fallen military officers and enlisted of US wars.  White nationalist wars of conquest that always attempted, and were usually successful at securing land and/or resources for white use and development.  Over the years, concessions combined with Black struggle have allowed a few Blacks to scramble for a pittance of the crumbs of white empire.  But for the most part, the wars of conquest fought by the United States of America have benefited white US citizens.  So, besides attempts at fitting in with the hope of getting a few more crumbs, what stake do Black people have in celebrating this, one of sickest US hol(y)days.  A day when the soldiers of the empire, an empire that has snuffed out the lives of (literally) millions of non-combatant men, women and children, an empire that has used the spoils of its many wars to disproportionately contribute to the degradation and destruction of the natural environment, an empire that oppresses Black, brown, yellow and red men, women and children the planet over, this is a day to celebrate the mostly white men that have died for the cause of genocidal empire-building.

Someone tell me, please(!!) why should any person even vaguely in touch with his/her humanity be interested in a freakish celebration of this magnitude?  Why would anyone of any ethnicity?  But the question is posed most particularly to non-whites and even more particularly to Black people killed by the tens of millions by this country and Red native men, women and children who were almost made extinct by this country’s military apparatus.

This so-called patriotism is sickening.  And while sickening for anyone to participate in, it is beyond delusional for non-whites to involve themselves in this macabre display.  History will remember this day and similar celebrations as relics from an age of racial barbarism on the part of the Western world and the USA in particular.  We, Black people, and oppressed ethnic minorities generally, should step aside and allow whites who have no problem with these celebrations rejoice alone in the blood of the many, many millions who have died in the face of Amerikkkan barbarism.  This is their day.  Not ours.

11 Responses to “Memorial Day: A Time For What?”

  1. It is done for the simple fact that even though nine tenths of your presentations are true at this moment ,these same things have happened for
    millennia. Starting with the first viable governments of AFRICA, they have
    not gotten very far past that type of governance TODAY. And knowing your
    history you know that these are the same people who’d sold their own families for the empty PROFITS AND PROMISES that brought our ancestors
    here. WE can either have the strength and patience to BRING the CHANGE.
    Or we can sit and SOB letting worse elements stop ALL possibilities.
    Check, and you can’t castle!

    D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque

  2. Me,again.
    To make my comment easier to get I’ll remind you of the last comment
    made by Wednesday Addams when she was asked by her family why she
    wasn’t dressed in a Halloween costume. Her reply was… “I’m dressed like a
    SOCIOPATH,they LOOK LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.” The point is to make the change without being stopped, just look at how the BUSH’S did it.

    D’Ellis/Mohandas Lighque

  3. Dude, regular people’s mechanisms for making change will never be the same as the mechanisms used by Bush and other representatives of the ruling class. Think about it. That would be impossible to pull off for several reasons which I’ll get into if you’d like. But it’s pretty obvious.

    As for doing things, you can talk and engage in action at the same time. Actually one should be doing both. Dialoging and engaging at the same time.

  4. Geez, when you put it that way, I have to agree with you—everything about the United States really is terrible.

    Do you have your passport yet? When are you leaving this awful place?

  5. Interesting how your types don’t question the truth of presented histories; just cutely supply silly quasi-solutions like this one. But what else should I expect. You are, in large part, why things are the way they are. You and people like you who live in denial that anyone dare interrupt!

  6. No but really, if you hate it so much, and there’s no way things can change with my “type” running things, why are you here?

  7. Your type doesn’t run things. We both know who runs things. Some folks just can’t see through the smokescreens to understand that the folks they spend time resources opposing are the ones that can save them.

    As to why I’m here, does anyone take the ‘you’re an anti-American’ line seriously anymore?

  8. What gives? I thought I was the one with the cute silly responses.

    I assume there is an answer to my question, somewhere…

  9. Nice blog, by the way.

  10. Thanks for the compliment.

    Wasn’t ignoring you before now, btw, I’ve just been out of town for quite a while.

  11. G-d says that man does not know the way to peace.
    I will pull for you to learn and teach us.
    I’m not playing, but concerned about life.

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