Idiot Alert: Al Qaeda Warrior Uses Internet to Rally Women and Men To Jihad

The most ridiculous story to come out this month greets us almost as the month comes to a close.  Supposedly the super secret international terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda is having its publicist do an interview with the NYTimes.

Take a look.

I am tempted to dismiss this kind of story as silly but I fear it is too important to simply dismiss.  It is being run on or near the front page of the New York Times, the ‘paper of record’ or so they claim.  True or not, millions of people are digesting this tripe.  This ridiculous notion that a serious terrorist organization publicly recruits in this fashion and then has its recruiter do interviews with the enemy’s leading print press.  So what actually gives?  Is this woman serious?  Is she part of some European or US intelligence apparatus?  Who can say.  But could it be, is it even vaguely possible that the Times’ version of events is real in this case?

One Response to “Idiot Alert: Al Qaeda Warrior Uses Internet to Rally Women and Men To Jihad”

  1. dc relief Says:

    I remember reaading the article on “the word warrior” the day it came out. As with many American publishers there is their (hidden) agenda we’re not privy to know. However there is HR 1955 in the wing, and it may effect all freedom of speech. One day we may wake up and no voices will be tolerated: not ours or our chosen enemies. On a lighter note it might be about the money that publication can draw.
    This idiot thanks you for sharing.

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