O’Reilly Receives New Orders From Murdoch: Gay Marriage Is A Go

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What I find most instructive about this video interview of right wing nutjob (redundant, I know) Don Schweitzer is how it reveals the extreme right wing nature of US political television ‘programming’. Without hostility or degradation, O’Reilly makes the guy look completely ridiculous. O’Reilly reveals the complete lack of any actual logical or moral underpinning to the argument against gay marriage. And this isn’t some chump but a head honcho family law attorney. Well, he is a chump too, but the point is that O’Reilly easily pwns him with a few calm, rational but direct questions.

As a thought experiment, imagine if there was someone allowed to do this kind of thing night after night on a national network. If, instead of the usual fluff or the softball questions if someone were allowed to pose rational, even-handed questions to the right-wing what would this country look like in six months? And that isn’t a thought experiment that asks what if a Leftists were allowed to do this. But only if someone approximately centrists were allowed to do so.

This video demonstrates very clearly, with its starkness of its rational tone, just how accustomed we as a viewing nation have become to far right discourse dominating and marginalizing not the Left but Center thought. Fascism doesn’t start with jackboots goose-stepping their pencil mustaches into our living rooms but with the normalizing of extreme ideas and concepts, something fascists have already achieved in the United States. And the evidence is right in front of you. Occasional glimpses of Centrists rationality, like this video, that shock our well-indoctrinated and ever closing minds.

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