Critical Support of Obama

Barack Obama has claimed the Dem Party nomination for POTUS and folks that have been backing his candidacy, like Black Commentator and of particular interest, Bill Fletcher, are encouraging support of him but not uncritical support. This sounds like a reasonable course of action based on the logic of the hegemonic mainstream US political system which frowns upon any of what it calls extremism. Which in this case would be opposing the nomination and success of a Black candidate like Obama. How could any progressive person do that? But Fletcher’s own words betray the so-called logic of his strategic suggestion.

I do think that there is a VERY significant different between Senators Obama and McCain. This is not a tweedle-dee/tweedle-dumb juxtaposition, even given my differences with Senator Obama. Senator McCain wishes to continue the direction of George Bush and to advance the process of the consolidation of a neo-liberal authoritarian state. Senator Obama is looking for a politically liberal solution to the current crisis. I do not think that such a solution exists

Fletcher claims Obama and McCain are not tweedledee and dum because, unlike reactionary McCain, Obama seeks a solution that does not even exist! He then suggests progressives must push Obama beyond Liberalism. So if conservatism isn’t the answer and the liberalism Obama represents doesn’t exist as a solution, Fletcher must be implying that Obama represents the possibility for some kind of revolutionary opening. This nonsense is the point where the logic disassembles itself. Can Obama, the corporate candidate be pushed further to the Right by what goes for a progressive movement in the United States, presently? That is the real question and everyone thinking understands the answer is ‘no’. Movements are needed to transform in a revolutionary, not reform, this society.

Left movements must do that no matter who the POTUS is. An Obama presidency, due to the liberal veneer it will have will make that journey more, not less, difficult due to the many allies who will inevitably be coerced into uncritically supporting/defending Obama from predictable conservative attacks of racism-something we watched happen in the Primary. Get ready for more of that which will work to negate progressive movement change.

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