White Media Piles On Kanye Again; Lying About Bonnaroo

For the record, I don’t give a care about Kanye or multimillion dollar entertainers, generally (with a few exceptions for actually talented folk like Prince and Ndegeocello). I look at these stories cuz they tell a socio-cultural story about where people’s minds are. The white space for music in middle Tennessee also known as Bonnaroo this year had a lineup including Kanye West, a Black artist in the midst of a sea of almost all white artists and even whiter fans.

Kanye was scheduled to go on to perform at 2:45am Sunday morning.  Major white media outlets are reporting here, here and here that Kanye was an hour and twenty minutes late getting started.  Most white outlets are running the AP piece by Jake Coyle, who only finds it fitting to parenthetically mention that the act before Kanye, a white band, Pearl Jam, went over their allotted time by a full hour.  That delay by Pearl Jam, combined with unspecific technical difficulties configuring Kanye’s performance rig are the reason that Kanye was late coming out.  The focus, however, of the white media is Kanye’s supposed refusal to kiss the collective asses of the white fans at Bonnaroo.  Kanye is probably an asshole.  Most millionaires are.  But the white media is again showing their unforgivable whiteness in their biased treatment of millionaires with melanin which is a part of a larger campaign, whether intentional or not, that conditions white America to think and therefore treat Black people as a whole, differently.  And that’s differently as in worse than others are treated.  By constantly sending out negative signals about high profile rich Blacks as well as the required national and local daily broadcasts of poor Black people in handcuffs and orange jumpsuits standing in front of usually white judge (but in their fav cases, the judge will be Black, too), white media conditions white media consumers to think and thus act unfavorably towards their Black countrywomen and men.

White folks will claim that this conspiracy is ludicrous.  I don’t care what you call it.  Conspiracy, assholes engaging in shoddy reporting; it is little consequence to me how motive is rationalized.  The effects are the same, the perpetuation of racist ideas, stereotypes and ultimately actions.  I understand the impulse to recoil from anything even remotely smacking of ‘conspiracy’.  The media, particularly white media but not only them, certainly do execute an ongoing campaign to disparage any kind of talk that describes, charges or analyzes conspiratorial actions unless it is a conspiracy white media owners are amenable to labeling as such.  White media contributors and editors are keenly aware of their influence on public opinion and ultimately public actions, leading them to not publicize all kinds of things that they claim might incite undue fear in the public.  Such as information about chemicals in food, the claims of the dangers of nuclear power and other things.  The point is that they understand fully, the role they play in setting the mental and psychological agenda of the white masses.  So when they regularly pull this kind of shit on millionaires with melanin it’s difficult for me to let them off the hook as it being incidental and random when there are far mor white millionaires that are engaged in all kinds of drug use and other mischieviousness that white media either ignores or frames very differently than when the same actions are pulled by Blacks with money.

White media is simpy the psychological control and manipulation arm of white business that enslaves us all, white and Black.  Blacks and non-whites generally, tend to see and understand this at far greater rates than our melanin-lacking brothers and sisters.  Which gets to the crux of the problem.  White people need to wake up and realize what the fuck is actually going on in the world and stop blaming non-whites for the world they have, in their ignorance, created.  Racism and global colonialism, environmentally degradating consumerism, starvation in the so-called Third World…these are all problems created and sustained by white folks.  But only together can we end them.  Stop watching corporate media white people so that you all might begin the journey to reclaim your minds and your humanity.  Turn off the mind control boxes and start listening to your brothers and sisters of color.  There is a lot for you all to learn and a long way for all of us to travel together.

5 Responses to “White Media Piles On Kanye Again; Lying About Bonnaroo”

  1. you idiot robert randolph is black and he led the kanye sucks chant, its angry black people like you that tears our society apart. check out RR hes the man KANYE SUCKS AND SO DO YOU,BARAK 08! dont ruin it for him

  2. and kanye really was a dick how can you defend him?

  3. Yer an idiot mate, has nothing to do with race, Kanye is an arrogant turd…end of story. Calling the race card over something that has nothing to do with it (what the hell are “even whiter” fans? you racist ) is just lame and demeans real issues. Stop blogging.

    • black racist suck Says:

      Its 2010, Bonnaroo is just around the corner and you still suck and so does Kanye…Snoop rocked the festi last year and Im sure Jay-Z will again this year. Once again, you and Kanye SUCK!

  4. was there Says:

    I was there, I waited around with everyone else…

    The problem was that the crowd was NOT informed that Kanye was going to be late, so you had 40-50,000 people waiting for a show that didn’t start until 4:25. Meanwhile, they were missing out on other shows at other stages. All Kanye (or Bonnaroo) had to do was get on the stage and tell everyone “it’s gonna be an hour or two, go check out music at the other tents. this show will be starting around 4am” And everyone would’ve been happy.

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