Zimbabwe In Shambles But The White American Presstitutes Should Be Quiet

This article is the latest sewage to flow from the front pages of the web edition of the New York Times.  The sycophantic guttercrows aka New York Times journalists are not qualified to speak or write about the political problems in Zimbabwe or anywhere on the continent of Africa.

They should shut up.

It is the morning of June 27th and if you visit the Times website you will be met by the aforementioned article by Celia Dugger and Barry Beawak in which they continue the white campaign of attempting to marshall international public opinion against Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, this time by pressuring Mbeki of South Africa, who confuses Dugger and Beawak by his refusal to kiss white ass and openly condemn Mugabe.  This is a good time to state that what is going on in Zimbabwe is very f*cked up.  Democratic participation by the people is openly being subverted and part of that subversion is open state violence and state sanctioned vigilante violence against supporters of Mugabe’s political opposition.   This violence and undemocratic electoral games should be condemned, mediated and ceased.

But not by the United States.

Here’s why.  Zimbabwe.  An African country brutalized under white colonial rule and occupation for more than a hundred years (1888-1980).  The United States of America.  An white controlled country its entire existence, is currently two hundred thirty-two years old.  Black folks in this country just got the legally enforced right to vote 43 years ago!  After almost 200 years of political existence within this country.  One hundred eighty-nine hears after so-called American independence Black Americans obtained the legally enforced right to vote.  Zimbabwe has been independent for twenty-eight years.

Twenty-eight years.
One hundred eighty-nine years.

Only within the borders of this sick country can you witness such insane demonstrations of psychotic hypocrisy.  And so sick are the vast majority of ‘Americans’ that the insanity of the New York Times and other white media outlets goes almost completely unnoticed.  Recently, a friend and political ally asked me what I thought about the situation in Zimbabwe.

I think that the situation needs to be dealt with by the people of Zimbabwe and perhaps the rest of the African continent along with the diaspora. This hot summer the Imperial United States of White Hypocritical America should put down its pens, step away from all microphones, cameras and word processors and relax with a tall, cool glass of shut the hell up.

14 Responses to “Zimbabwe In Shambles But The White American Presstitutes Should Be Quiet”

  1. Right. You go your way and we’ll go ours. Good clear thinking. I like it.

  2. You logged on to the wrong site by mistake I think. This not stormfront.

  3. Are you…

    Are you joking?

  4. i love mugabe…at this rate all the helpless monkeys will be gone in a decade….and you all thought ian smith was bad….lololol.


    I can’t believe anyone could like Mugabe. He brings misery and destruction. the population is dying with starvation, aids, colera and lack absolutely everything….

    How can you claim to be a human and turn your eyes away from your ppl who are suffering just because your ass is covered ??????????

    Your time will come

    Love and peace

  6. Some time people forget themselves,forget their purpose of being here. Wether black or white. All things shall perish even thoose who presecute others. The man who take another life his life will also be taken, sooner or later. The grave have no respect of person, wether you are rich or poor. But I know for shure that the earth wikk abideth forever. So let them who think that they can oppress others and escape scoth free, they are only fooling them self. it is only a shame that during the course of their evil doing they dont get stop in their tracks. the Pharo who led his army to persue the ithiopian through the red sea he himself is no longer here and so will all of his fffollowers ;end.

  7. Black or white, woman or man, WHO CARES?

    Zimbabwe turned their back on the brotherhood of humanity, and they are now suffering the consequences.

  8. how can muabe’s blue dogs treat the black majoruty like that.Pasi nemapurisa

  9. when mugabe got into power we thought as if things are well,but we did not know that behind an foarm of suffering there is a lesson.mugabe is now a toothless dog and cacking boling old pot.only those who wait shall be rewarded,lets leave everything into the lord for his will

  10. Mesi (Jamaica) Says:

    We all agree “The Berlin Conference” was an illegal endeavor. Africa belongs to the indigenous people of the land. I strongly feel the indigenous people must be recompense by the European powers (Austria–Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and Sweden-Norway) that robed, stole, and benefitted from the natural resources of the continent. We need many more like Mugabe in Africa

  11. je pence que les noire son beau et sexy

  12. cest comme un reve de voir le monde sans fain et sans politess

  13. moses chirwa Says:

    mugabu, mugabwa,mugawe all weaked people will be judged acordingly and soon he will be vanished. If i were mugabe i would have started confessing to God.

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