Kanye, Front Page–Crackhouse, No Page

The white press was tripping over each other to run the BS stories about Kanye at Bonnaroo.  Stating that he didn’t perform on time and that he was rude.  And of course they offered no apologies for their behavior as the truth came out that Pearl Jam ran an hour into Kanye’s time and Bonnaroo logistical snafus made a mess of Kanye’s crew setting up his stage.

I post a lot about white double standards and racial mind games and other psychological manipulations played out by the establishment.  Here is another funny one.  It’s funny how white folks won’t comment on the site but email me directly with their complaints.  I mean, what is that all about???  Anyway, here is another one.

Amy Crackhouse punching her fans in the face while singing at Glastonbury. Watch the vid then come back.

Close your eyes and try to imagine Kanye doing Flashing Lights while punching fans in the face.  That negro would be in Guantanamo Bay before the instrumental for that short ass song was even over.

But the white media completely ignores the white girl that everyone knows is on crack when she punches her fans in the face???  This is why, whether it be reporting on the depressed US economy, WMDs or Kanye West, no one but naive white people trust the US mainstream media.

They are a part of the system and the system is a pathological liar.

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