Smash and Grab

It took a while.

The US imperial military stormed in and destroyed one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.  Whenever it was called a war for oil the political pundits–all the mainstream political pundits–made the charge sound incredible.  Usually framing it with credibility draining phrases like Bush’s critics say and anti-war campaigners  claim.  Maybe it’s more credible now that London’s Financial Times is saying the same thing that regular people were saying more than five years ago.

The oil is being stolen.

The US population could give two shits?  They just wanna be able to drive their cars to water parks all summer without having to stop by the bank for a second mortgage.  Eyes have been turned toward Iran and the so-called push to stop the next war.  Meanwhile the imperial viceroys of the US distribute the resources belonging to the people of Iraq.

The Spoils of War

I mean if this wasn’t going to happen what really would have been the point to all of this?  Nation-building? Don’t you love to hear that term?  It’s a part of the vocabulary of the schizoid-pathological lying-white American.  The notion that this country that has killed so many people for so many of their resources, the notion that the psychopaths that do and that have from the beginning, run this country would actually have any real concern with the peoples of the world (beyond taking what they can from them) requires a person to have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.  A description which fits most citizens of the USA, particularly its citizens that can be identified as white.  Being that the ability to think critically about anything of significance has been destroyed, smash and grabs like the one perpetrated on the people of Iraq can be executed with little fanfare and without most folks inside the empire being able to identify what is even happening.

The graphic to the right can be found on the Financial Times website along with a poll of the readers as toBlueprint for the Heist whether this day should be deemed a national holiday in the US and UK.  While theft of the resources of Black and brown people usually does not merit particular celebration beyond the typical trappings, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, etc.  This day in history, the armed robbery of Iraq by the white imperial powers surely justifies some kind of commemoration. Yes?  The readers must decide.

The graphic, with circles identifying the most rich fields, is quite well done and represents the level of care and concern and import to be associated by responsible people, with this moment.  This is 21st century capitalism in all its glory.

Iran, Venezuela and other resource rich states…take note.  If you wanna see your hometown get famous on a graph like this of your own, keep playing around with the UN and their games.  If you don’t wanna be immortalized in this way, do what others before you have done and get the only protection plan you can count on.

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