Racist Obama Jokes Off Limits: White Late Night Hosts Miffed

Jimmy Kimmel says, “There’s a weird reverse racism going on. You can’t joke about him because he’s half-white. It’s silly.”  It’s silly.  The New York Times has a two page web writeup explaining the dilemma of an all-white late night comedy lineup that won’t/can’t joke about Obama lest they be charged with racism.  This theme of false racism charges is some toxic shit.

The problem, of course, is that hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Maher, they are racist.  And now they’re miffed that the limitations of liberalism won’t allow them to do what they want to do.  Even still, Maher and the New York Times slips one in as they write about how it is improper and impossible to do it on television.  Maher says, “There’s been this question about whether he’s black enough.  I have this joke: What does he have to do? Dunk?”  But then they wonder why they can’t make jokes about him.  It’s because they can’t do it without resorting to racism.  Racism is so deeply embedded in their minds and in the general public imagination that these comics, and most white citizens, can’t joke about Black people without joking that we are Black.  This seems natural to many whites and thus some kind of affront when they aren’t allowed to engage in the practice.  But imagine how tasteless their usually smiling white audiences would find it if almost every joke about GW and McCain was about how they are white.  The jokes might get a few laughs the first time but they would wear thin quickly.  This is because the white population of the US while accustomed to critiqueing the culture and character of non-whites via comedy, they are less than keen to engage or have a comic engage in the same dynamic when it comes to their white brothers and sisters.

Continuing on Kimmel’s reverse racism theme, the Times reveals that Black comedians are making Obama jokes.  But not on late night comedy since there are no Black late night comics on major shows.  The fact that they, Black comedians, are writing and saying the jokes white comics won’t or can’t is used as subtle implication that whites are the victims of discrimination.  I’m not feelin their pain…at all.

17 Responses to “Racist Obama Jokes Off Limits: White Late Night Hosts Miffed”

  1. Just wanted to add an update. I caught kimmel’s monologue last night. He had his band do Hail to the Chief blended with the theme from Sanford and Son – among other remarks I considered racist.

  2. Will "GLiDE" Mims Says:

    I find this hilarious. It’s okay for Dave Chappel to make fun of whites and everyone else (frequently uses n%gga on his show). He cracks on everyone’s stereotypes, yet no one has screamed “racism” against him!!!
    Come to think of it, most black comedians get away with the same thing!

    Dave is funny as he##!!! Black White Supremist was soooo freakin’ funny!!! He got BOTH whites and blacks in that spoof.

    The problem with this world is that it’s okay for certain races to make racial inuendos, but not for whites. Either gripe at them all, or shut up!


  3. Cheddar Box Says:

    Racism, reverse racism, it’s all garbage. Shut up and stop whining. I’m a black man and I tell black jokes and white jokes. Who cares? Stereotypes are 95% accurate…so run with them and make me laugh. Why do we, as a people, still hold white people responsible for our situations…I don’t think Barack is going to be good president but, I’m happy a black man got elected. Now we have no excuses not to succeed and if we can’t, pile the jokes on cause it’s our fault now.

  4. Cheddar, you shouldn’t use the word ‘our’ since most of ‘us’ don’t agree with ‘you’.

  5. Will "GLiDE" Mims Says:

    So let me get this right… just because Cheddar Box thinks for himself, hits the nail on the head about most racial stereotypes (for all races) are fairly close to the truth, isn’t overly confident in Obama as President, throws all excuses out the door, he’s now alienated from the Black American Nation??? If you check out the National Black Republican Association ( http://www.nbra.inf ), you’ll find out that there are others that I’m sure you’ll want to ban and say they aren’t one of “us”.

    However, I think they’ll beg to differ with you, because they are an “us”, if you are referring to african american/black american. They are very well educated, cerebral, self-thinking American Citizens who would scoff at the notion of being told they weren’t an “us”.

    Cheddar, I salute you for your honesty and open minded thinking! If marcg won’t claim ya, I will!

  6. Will, I think I was clear in my response to Cheddar. It is ironic that you go so far as to make cerebral claims juxtaposed to your poor reading of his or mine or both comments.

    Cheddar made specific collective claims. I countered saying that he doesn’t speak for the people he claims to. 95% of anti-Black stereotypes are accurate? I don’t agree. Apparently you do. I would easily go so far as to say almost all Blacks disagree with him.

    Have you heard what white anti-Black stereotypes are actually out there? Or are you just reflexively repeating the Cosbyite personal responsibility blather?

    Maybe you should reread Cheddar’s post.

    And no. Any person, no matter her/his color, that thinks that 95% of anti-Black stereotypes are correct, won’t be claimed by me. And that goes double for pseudointellectual water carriers like yourself that stumble over themselves trying to claim these fools

  7. ur dumb as hell Says:

    wow you’re all just argueing over bullsh#t it’s stuipid!! realy racism supposedly stopped hundreds of years ago so drop it! grow up.. children hold grudges. not adults like yourselves… and cheddar i aggree with you. but i wouldn’t say 95 percent. i’d say around 70 percent. good post.

  8. Racism stopped hundreds of years ago, eh? No wonder you agree with Cheddar.

    Thanks for that contribution.

  9. arguying for the sheer hell of it Says:

    well , i’m not enlish ,so bear with me on the typo.
    i will try to make my point brief ,yet clear.

    1- to marcg/cheddar: i think you are reffering to anti-black stereotype while cheddar is reffering to stereotype in general… if it’s the case , then but of you are actually right. i just don’t think you are reffering to the same ‘stereotype’.

    2- i’ve learn thaat having to back yourself with ANY ‘us’ to back your oppinion/lifestyle is a sign of weakness. so too but of you:
    have the strengh of your OWN opinions.

    now ,concerning those comments/jokes/whatever:
    if people get offended ,still ,by any type of jokes or comments , it is because they are STILL STUCK on the ‘US’ patern..(see point 2)

    yes we may rattke over carrying racism in those comments etc… but:
    i think racism starts from within. it is insidious ,hidious and immoral. but it is starting from within. not from someone who is stating some GENERAL stereotypes…

  10. Thanks for your comment. And the ‘US’ sentiment is definitely taken and I believe, understood. I would add that there actually are collective or general tendencies to peoples and/or communities and expressing those ideas, beliefs and opinions is not necessarily a sign of weakness. I would say that attempts to commandeer groups and attribute ideas or opinions to them for which there is scant evidence is really the target when looking at weakness of arguments.

    I would have to question your characterization of collective identities as a bad ‘pattern’. Do you prefer individuality as opposed to collective ideas? As you said, there is a language barrier, but if that is what you mean, I’ll have to kindly disagree. The cult of individuality that has become so popular with the advance of neoliberal thought I see as something akin to a societal cancer.

    It disintegrates the power of people leaving only the power of the wealthy elite, who then control the people. ‘We’ and ‘us’ are very important frameworks to think within. The history of the civilization is a history of class war. The rich vs us. Think about the things you like about your society and ask yourself where did those things come from. I think you’ll find that they came from that ‘pattern’ you mention. Collective struggle, not individuality, can be thanked for almost all that we love about society.

  11. arguying for the sheer hell of it Says:

    obviously the languages barrier makes this conversation tedious.

    concerning collective identities , my point may not have been that clear.
    i was trying to refer to the ‘us’ when people are getting offended by jokes/comments over stereotypes , witch i still consider harmless to the individuals ,since they are aim at masses..
    i think the difference between stating stereotypes and racism was clear in my previous post ,so i don’t think i’ll go over that again.

    now obviously , civilization’s motar is the collective identities.
    i just wanted to highlight how some people will fall on the ‘us’ to get offended when they really shouldn’t been. they may get offended because it is hard for people to admit having some behavior , especially when they are blown out of proportion for humoristic puposes…

    the weakness i’m refering too is basically the lack of strengh that some individual have over facing what they are ,good and bad side/habit…
    then they will fall back on the ,us’ to cover their asses… in order to don’t have to admit certain behavior has their own ,but a behavior of a whole communities…giving them the ‘right’ to be offended…
    because at the individual level ,getting offended over such comments/jokes will be improper ,or a sign of ‘narrow-mindness’, witch they won’t admit to.

    no to answer your ‘we’ and ‘us’ has a framework. you got that right.
    and i fully agree that it is the ‘drive’ needed in a society.
    collective identities should never be used has a shield , to protect individuals from facing the music…

  12. I did miss a crucial dimension of what you were getting at. And I definitely agree with your proposal. Cheddar, however, seems to be responding to something else in what I attempted to say. There is a sector of Black folks that have invested in the belief, favorable to many whites (albeit sometimes for different reasons than Blacks favor it), that if a Black person uses history to explain the Black condition in this country, then that is racism or that is just making excuses.

    This is not a logical approach because it sets people up to fail. Incorrect diagnosis of a problem may lead to the correct solution but that is highly improbable. Using history as a tool to understand the Black condition in the US doesn’t absolve any individual or community from responsibility. But like any problem, context is crucial. Therefore attempts to remove white people from the equation are usually the tactical domain of white people themselves eager to escape their own responsibility in this, or Black people eager to please white people, or ignorant Black people (and often a combination of the last two).

  13. arguying for the sheer hell of it Says:

    you got to know where you come from in order to know where you’re going..

    plain and simple.

    but like you are saying , it shouldn’t be use has excuses …
    and looking at your statement saying white folks subtracting themselves from the equation brings a new concept to me. i never attack that issue from that angle….

    being white , it is a direct blow.

    but you are absolutly right…
    ‘Therefore attempts to remove white people from the equation are usually the tactical domain of white people themselves eager to escape their own responsibility in this’

    so i think this applies to me…that i liked it or not!

    this is getting more and more interesting..

  14. arguying for the sheer hell of it Says:

    let me contemplate over it.

  15. arguying for the sheer hell of it Says:

    been doing a lot of thinking over the last posts..

    -education is crucial to masses .
    – knowing your history , has people/group/country is crucial.

    the ghetto pattern:
    being tough “oriented” history , and then not be able to relate to the society ,being stuck in a ghetto , therefor confirming only that “oriented” history has being truth.

    by ghetto , i mean ANY concentration of folks with the same origin/lifestyle/background.

    i don’t have a solution , yet i think it all come down to forgiveness:

    can we forgive people past behavior, leading their offspring to an “oriented” history? can we forgive those offspring for not being able to ,or have the will to , see beyond established behavior?
    Pavlov would be laughing at all this for sure!

  16. I think the racist jokes are so funny! I am 100% white. Everyone gets a kick out of it, especially if you are white. Just to let you black people know we don’t owe yall nothing. I am not racist, but I just don’t think it is a good idea to put a black man in charge.

  17. Renee, what a terrible, racist comment.

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