Iran and Nukes

The ‘situation’ framed as Iran posing a nuclear threat makes no sense outside of the framework of global white supremacy.  With pressure being applied from Western (read: white) nations, the world looks on cynically.  Folks inside the US, for the most part seem torn on whether or not they are willing to go to war with Iran with feelings on the issue, like most issues in this country, falling roughly along racial lines.  Most whites deem a war necessary if Iran won’t give up its nuclear program while almost all non-whites, along with antiwar whites, polled are against the idea.  The underlying and unspoken premise of whether or not to go to war with Iran is the notion, the racist notion, that Iran shouldn’t be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

The conventional rationales given for this is that Iran (or any Arab or Muslim country for that issue) can’t be trusted with nukes.  Obviously racist.  Then there is the more liberal rationale that states the need to prevent said countries’ extremists from getting a hold of the nukes.  That’s why the country shouldn’t be able to develop nukes.  The crazies might get them.  The real reason is much more straightforward than even those simplistic lies.

The white global powers, for centuries have exploited, through invasion, occupation and colonization, the Black, brown, red and yellow countries of the Earth.  Nukes are a deterrent to white military power.  This is why Iran, and no non-white country that doesn’t already have them, cannot have a nuke.  If Iraq had actually been able to develop a nuke, there never would have been a discussion about WMDs.  The white powers simply would have let Iraq into the club and talked with that country.  Because they knew Iraq didn’t have WMDs, and thus no way to hit them back, they invaded.  That is how it works, if you DON’T have WMDs you get your ass rocked and your citizens get wiped out.  If you can manage to get a nuke, you are acknowledged as a global power and are welcomed into the club.  That is why for non-white countries, the big picture of development, long term, dictates that acquiring nuclear weapon capability is as important as any other single factor.

Nuclear war would suck.  But conventional war sucks too.  Non-white leaders of countries around the world, if you don’t wanna get your asses kicked by the American and British Nazis, I suggest you start spinning those centrifuges overtime and develop some enriched uranium.  Or you’re likely to end up in a spider hole with a CNN camera shoved in your face and a M-16 up your ass.  The only thing white countries understand is force.  Get a nuke and you’re safe.  Acquiesce and they will say you have a nuke anyway and come take your oil (diamonds, natural gas, or whatever you have of value).

All the while, of course, claiming that this or that country will make the world less safe for democracy.

2 Responses to “Iran and Nukes”

  1. walterrock Says:

    You took the words out of my heart…

  2. It appears that the Iran nuclear charade is winding down and the new foreign policy theater distraction has become the Georgia/Russia debacle. So obviously engineered by the US. But to what end?

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