No More Black Atlanta Mayors

It is beginning to look as if Atlanta is seeing currently the last Black mayor for some time.  Councilwoman Borders has released the typical BS statement to the media in which she impresses upon us, her love and dedication to family, who of course need her at this crucial moment, family before politics-you know the drill.

Who knows what is really happenening here.  Borders comes from working as an executive for Atlanta’s Cousins Properties, one of if not the most influential property management/land developer in the entire city.   Also a city councilwoman, she goes from being the frontrunner to secede Shirley Franklin as mayor to the sidelines.  It’ll prolly be 3 months until we learn who the Atlanta ruling class’ candidate actually is now.  Until then, prepare yourself to endure a series of stories tellng how Borders ‘departure’  has ‘opened up the field‘ in the mayoral race (I love how the put quotes around any phrase that even might not be characterized as Kings English, hehe).  Who actually thinks the rich fucks would leave an election of this magnitude up to the voters???  Don’t answer that.  Anywayz, it’ll be interesting to see this play out over the next year.  Actually it won’t be but that’s what we’re supposed to say.

The era of Black mayoral politics may be coming to a close.   Or it may be that the city is going to sink lower than previously thought and it needs to therefore be run by a lower ranking Black figure than Borders.  Everyone knows the longstanding trend of city’s being handed off to Black politicos when they are in the dumps.   Franklin and Atlanta was an exception to this national if not global axiom.

Does it even matter if the mayor of Atlanta is Black?  I think it does but perhaps not in the way one might think.  On the one hand, a Black mayor can be more responsive to Black concerns than a white mayor can.  And I say this with the assumption that we all understand that it is a white power bloc of corporate investment behind the scenes that actually control the political scene in Atlanta or any major city.   That said, a Black mayor can be more often be excused or allowed by white power to be more responsive to Black criticisms (when they rarely surface).  That is one thing.  But this rarely happens in any serious way so its largely a moot point.  More significant is the way in which a Black face in a high place, as the saying goes, takes the steam out of Black grassroots politics.  Traditionally, the old guard of Black activism have been slow to go on the offensive against Black elected officials and this is a particular concern in Atlanta when it comes to Black mayors.  And comparing the Campbell term with the Franklin term it appears that Black women are more innoculated than Black men from criticism emanating from Black Atlanta.  So in this regard, the end of Black mayors may mean the beginning of a renewed era of Black protest in Atlanta, which would be a very good thing but can’t be taken for granted with the absence of color in the mayor’s office.  Time, and activity, will tell.

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