City of Atlanta Budget Shortfall; Undercover Cops Busting the Homeless?

The AJC brags that Atlanta’s Finest have busted 40 ‘aggressive’ panhandlers in less than 3 weeks in the city’s main tourist district, the Peachtree corridor.  Great job guys.  This is the really good kind of work I expect to see from the protectors of the City Too Busy To Hate.  Even better, the Atlanta Police Department is using undercover cops to do this work.  In effect using stings to bust homeless people.  This is so that when the cops lie in court, the lie sticks.  As opposed to the situations when they receive complaints and then have to deliver 2nd hand lies in order to prosecute.  Locking up the homeless for a week just isn’t cutting it.  We need to put these people away like we mean it.  An interesting expenditure of resources for a city facing a $140 million budget shortall.

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