G.I. Gangsta

After spending time in Iraq killing and maiming, veterans are bringing the training back to the US with a vengeance.  This reporting looks examines stateside gang members bringing their tactical military training back to the streets they grew up on and using it against the domestic enemy they grew up fighting, local police.

In a most ironic twist, urban gang members inside the US military are returning home as veterans with months of live, hot combat experience and turning the tables on the local security forces they grew up hating, city cops.

Some will say this is horrible.  Who wants violence and pain?  If this isn’t the realest manifestation of chickens coming home to roost I don’t know what is.  Extensive black market, as well as open market, firepower available on American streets combined with the requisite arms and advanced urban combat tactics training could mean increasingly tough times for cops and the civilians caught in the middle.  The costs of the current wars and war generally, continues to rise.

If economic collapse deepens in 2009 and 2010, resulting in significant increases in crime, gang enrollment and general urban unrest, there may be violence in this country beyond anything we’ve ever seen.  And when the shit goes down, state security forces will have to respond with deadly force.  The Pentagon knows this.  That’s Pentagon, not the cops.  Fat cops ain’t fit facing soldiers returning from military combat.

Maybe all of this is the actual reason the president’s bosses have him deploying combat troops inside the US to specifically be ready to fight in a major US city.  When the jinks goes down, what side will you be on.  I know who I’m with.

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