Please Don’t Stop The Music

It’s been goin on two weeks since ‘change happened’ and while folks aren’t popping shots into the sky and dancing in the streets like they were Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning, white and Black liberal types and the mostly white liberal sector of the antiwar movement are still jigglin to the beat.  Forget Fiddy and The Game, wax gangstas all of ’em.  The gangstas in DC are currently being replaced by the new don and his crew of gangstas.  It’s ironic how kids are get bum-rushed by white and Black parents alike who want to know why they listen to music that says such horrible things.  It’s ironic cuz the parents of these urban and suburban hip-hop heads who maintain a steady diet of fake gangsta rap, their parents are in love with the real thing.

This time the papers didn’t lie.  Change did come.  The Obama gangsters debut release looks like it will be much harder than the Bush Boys’.  Like their kids, the liberals aren’t listening to the lyrics, just dancing to the beat.

In the past week and a half, Obama has brought in Rahm Emmanuel, Lawrence Summers (the Harvard prez who thought women’s brains were too small to do math and science), Eric Holder, looks like Hillary Clinton will be the foreign policy rep and Obama’s intelligence transition team is composed of CIA spooks who pushed for torture, invasion and have a hard-on for tapping folks’ phones.  All this done with just a week of being prez-elect.  What will Obama do when he’s actually in office?  I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile the folks over at Dailykos, DemocraticUnderground, Bartcop, Buzzflash and other liberal nightclubs are shaking their asses off to this stuff.  Ask them what they think about Obama’s love for hardcore Zionists, war-hawks and prison industrial complex hangers on and they say to you the same thing their kids say to them; I like the beat.  No one seems to know (even though it’s all on the front pages of even the biggest fishwrappers) or care about what President-Elect Obama’s lyrics seem to be screaming with his new roster of goblins.  This album promises to be nastier than anything Luke ever put out, harder than E’s, Dre’s and Cube’s rawest shit, scarier than Bushwick Bill’s best stuff.

Will liberals stand still long enough to listen to what the gangstas are screaming?  Is it too late in the night for that?  Are they too drunk off the power of their ‘win’?  I guess we’ll see.  Either way, the hangover from this night out will be one they won’t soon forget.  Hopefully.  And what of the Left?  When the libs wake up from the long night out with a hangover and crackers in their eyes will their be anywhere to go sober up?  I predict that it won’t be sooner than many think before the bar closes, dancing stops, hangovers hit and pots of hot reality java will be the order of the day.  The question is will they be takin the forty weight to-go, back to the streets or will the coffee shop be full of a new wave of radicals?

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