Hillary Clinton Won The Election

The public relations nature of everything in the US makes it difficult to discuss much anything with any intelligence.  For everything there is the official line, the perspective of the ruling class,  and then there are the varied perspectives of regular folks.  The same goes for the election that occured on November 4th.  The official line is that change came to the US with the election of the first Black president of the United States.  The official line is, like everything else, bullshit.  Hillary Clinton won the election.

There are several ways in which to understand that last sentence.  I’ll look at a few of them.  Some, are more relevant than others.  I’ll start with the least relevant and work up.

The LA Times performs a cursory examiniation of the president-elect’s administrative selections and with a single page of observations, reflections and quotes reaches a breathtaking conclusion-Obama’s picks, many of them, already worked in the White House for the Clintons.   Is this change, the LA Times asks.  How do you make the wordpress eyeroll emoticon?  Obama’s picks are center and center-right.  Just like the Clintons.  No, not just like the Clintons.  They are the Clintons.  Who won the election?

At the beginning of the 2 year campaign for the presidency, Obama was branded (yes, he’s a brand) as the antiwar candidate.  After he garnered the Democratic nomination he became the war candidate, promising to increase troop levels in Afghanistan and becoming predictably vague about Iraq withdrawal.  In this way, he moved even to the right of Hillary Clinton’s preconvention candidacy but surely right in line with his pimp, Wall Street.  Who won the election?

Finally, the notion that there was any real diffference between any of the candidates deemed serious by the corporations (that means all of the major tv, radio and newspapers of this country) was bullshit that in any other country would have been obvious.  But in the Public Relations States of America, nothing is obvious until a white model holding a microphone blesses it and proclaims it truth.    Barack Obama is a plant.  His candidacy and fake win were engineered by the same people that make the news every night for this country.  Quick thought experiements can help make this more plain.

People are convinced Obama stands in opposition to the interests that have dominated this country since it began.  This is silly.  If he stands in opposition to him then they stand in opposition to him.  If they oppose him, why didn’t they trot out the Jeremiah Wright story/scandal before Obama had any momentum.  Would a no name Black man with the middle name of Hussein have ever gotten traction in a presidential race if the Jeremiah Wright story had hit the headlines a month after he announced his candidacy?  To ask the question is to answer it.   They allowed him to be strong enough to withstand the attacks they had to bring to make the whole thing believable to audiences on the right and the left.  Obama was going to be president but conservative and liberal audiences had to frst be treated with the racial freak show this society is famous for and that its citizens (and non-citizens) have come to expect.  Obama was a made man from the start.

The official line?  Hope.  Change.  Whatever.  It’s all bullshit.  The only serious questio is how long it will be before the offiicial line disintegrates.  It will.  It must.  Malcolm said, America is a prison.   This remains true.  But it is a prison with a public relations budget just as large as the prison budget.  So a situation is created in which very few outside of those actually experiencing the reality of the society understand what the society is.  A country full of Dorothys who can’t see the man  behind the curtain.  Who don’t believe that man or the curtain, are real.  The notion that a curtain even exists or that anyone might be behind it orchestrating anything, is a conspiracy theory.  The domain of fools.

Who won the election?

Believe them?  Or your own eyes?

3 Responses to “Hillary Clinton Won The Election”

  1. Awesome post!
    It still doesn’t address though the main issue, that there wasn’t an election. Just a “best of show” presentation. They paraded their prize winners around and we were “privileged” to take our pick.

  2. I tried making the same point – that it’s all a show and BO isn’t one of “us” with my family and friends, but alas has fallen on deaf ears, with many of them saying, let’s wait and see. The writing was on the wall for me a long time ago. I went as far to say that if you want to support a Black candidate that there also is a sista and latina running on the same ticket who is more closely aligned to their values, but alas, they weren’t on the news every night so it don’t matter. The same manipulative sh*t they did with the conservative christian whites to support the likes of Reagan and Bush they did to the rest of us. Here’s a good one, I have a neighbor who’s white and was hanging door signs supporting Obama. He came to my building putting his signs up, and I said hi, not expecting to get into a conversation, but you should have seen his face when I told him I’m not voting for him. When I ran down the laundry list of reasons why I not supporting Obama, he couldn’t begin to defend any of them, and tried to get me on some garbage about if BO hadn’t supported the bailout we would be in even worse shape-I didn’t have time to break down to this cat what the real on the bailout was so I let it be. Anyway, his ace in the hole he thought was to say, “Doesn’t the historic value of this mean anything to you?” You can probably deduce what he really meant, to which I replied no. He then thanked me for my time and went his way. I have to admit though that there was a part of me that wondered if I were being overly cynical, and being a spoil sort. I mean so many people were full of joy and optimism, and I didn’t want to p*ss on anyone’s parade. It did kinda give me a warm feeling but then at the same time I shook my head thinking damn, these people are being played for fools and don’t even realize it. Now I just tell people “You better hope I’m wrong” and leave it at that. It’s just funny to see the same critical thinking my family and friends did in considering other politicians, and this system somehow escaped them after BO got them all horny with a black face, “hope” and “change”.

  3. It’s a difficult situation, Darnell. Damned if you do and if you don’t. The really horrible thing about it all is that when BO does his thing in the years to come, people will forget about you and all that you said because the news will provide another narrative for them to listen to explaining what/why BO can’t do what he said (or implied) he would do.

    Organizing at the grassroots around local campaigns seems the limit of what can be done here. Revolution in the US may be a long time coming, brother.

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