Paul Howard ‘Frustrated’ Georgia Jury Won’t Kill

The 2005 Brian Nichols courthouse murders were a national story.  After refusing a guilty plea in exchange for life in prison, Fulton County prosecutor Paul Howard is angry at a few Georgians on the trial jury that refused to agree to murder Nichols.  Howard plans to use this case as a springboard from which to create legislation that allows for a death penalty without a unanimous jury.

Howard wants Georgia to be allowed to kill with only ten jurors agreeing instead of twelve.  Reducing the number of jurors needed to get the death penalty will, of course, only be the first step.  Then it will be nine jurors.  Then it will be pushed for the judge to have the power to overrule the jury and deal out unilateral death sentences.

If you only read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution you would think that this is maybe 1948, not 2008.  The statistics are clear.  Sentencing of the death penalty is racist.   Everyone knows it.  Paul Howard is not concerned with this.  Actually, he isn’t concerned with the death penalty at all, really.  He is concerned with advancing his political career.  And he knows that in the state of Georgia advancing the cause of easier death sentences for Black is his magic ticket to any political ball he might choose to attend.

The AJC write-up about the Nichols sentencing attempts to paint the ‘holdout’ jurors as intransigent liberals, describing one juror as having spent the deliberation process doing crossword puzzles.  In all my years of reading the AJC I have never heard a juror desiring the death penalty be derided as having made up his/her mind before jury selection.  The bias favoring death penalty decisions of the writer, editor and the entire paper could hardly be more obvious.  Perhaps if they did away with the article altogether and simply wrote in 30 font, KILL MORE BLACK MEN, might they get their point across more clearly.  Maybe.

If the Black community doesn’t bring balance to the Paul Howard-ruling class-fascist perspective don’t expect it at all.  And certainly don’t bother looking for it in the pages of the AJC.

Update: Again today the AJC continues to obsess over the jurors in the Nichols case that decided on life without parole instead of murder.  Perhaps this is pre-legislative session public buildup to increase chances of changing execution law next month in the Ga General Assembly.  Or it could just be the usual rallying the racist rabble type stuff that the AJC does everyday.

One Response to “Paul Howard ‘Frustrated’ Georgia Jury Won’t Kill”

  1. Do you have any statistics that prove that blacks are more likely to receive the death penalty than whites? Since you state that the “statistics are clear” I would like to know what they say and what the source is. Are you against the death penalty altogether, or are you just against it for blacks?

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