Israel Is Burying Children Alive: Obama’s Response? ‘No Comment’

I am ready to die 100 times to bring back my daughters.

I am amazed that Anwar Balousha can even muster the courage to speak those words.  In just a couple of minutes yesterday, Israel killed his five daughters.  The three day death toll of Israel’s seige of Gaza neighborhoods stands officially at 364 this morning according to the WaPo.  I have nothing significant to say and this post is really only to feel like I’m not just standing around doing nothing, which is what I am doing and what I will continue to do.  War is being waged on my brothers and sisters and I sit here behind enemy lines, at a keyboard, in pain.  Impotent.  All I will do is say that it is wrong.  I won’t walk into the Israeli consulate and open fire on those who respresent and protect the killers.  I won’t even throw a rock through the window of their tony offices.  I surely have more power than I pretend to not have.  I could get press when they hauled me away to jail.  The peace movement, surely the only thing more impotent than myself, would denounce me.  I would probably lose a job I’m going to be laid off from anyhow.  But I won’t do anything.

I am afraid.

So I sit here in digital solidarity with so many others around the world protesting rhetorically.  Saying what everyone knows.  Israel is fascist.   Israel is killing our children.  Our voices pale so in comparison to the one who could lend so much assistance to the dying in Gaza.  But on this question, like many others to come for sure, Barack Hussein Obama has failed and continues to fail.  When asked for his take on the situation, his response is swift and ready.  “There is only one president at a time” comes spinning out of his mouth with the same calculated deliberation as the missile that spun to rest on the home of Anwar Balousha.  In macabre silence, president-elect Barack Obama stands with the killers of Zion as they target and kill police officers, eight university students yesterday.

Because it is so little, because people are dying while I sit here, half dressed, typing I am embarrassed.  If nothing else I can say, I must say, as a citizen of the US south, as a man of African descent, that Barack Obama is a fraud.  Like those before him, he’s a killer.  He is soon to be President of the United States which a  longer than necessary synonmy for fraud and murder, for genocide, for capitalism, for callousness.   Barack Obama is not Black.  He’s an embarrassment to humanity.  Not unlike or more so than those preceding him, but along with them.  Obama is not Black.  He’s disgusting.  Obama isn’t Black.  He’s the President.  The distinction apparently needs to be made.

Of course there are those out there that, while US bombs explode in the faces of  Palestinian college students and grandmothers, we must give him a chance.  It is time for you silly people to grow up.  Obama could save lives without speaking a word.  With an email, with a press release, the killing would end immediately.  But he won’t do this and besides repeating the line of the media, Hamas this or that, he won’t even say why.  If you understand how the world works in this regard, then you know why he won’t say.  If you don’t understand, you’ll say give him a chance or something else to prove your ignorance.  I am not a fool.  I’m a coward.  Or maybe, as my country marches deeper and deeper into fascism, my refusal to put my body and life on the line for Palestinian children may prove foolishness in the end when I, too, end up in a prison like Gaza.  Or maybe worse.  It’ll be too late then, of course.  And I won’t even have wordpress to make me feel better about how little I did to stop the killing of the US and by extension, Israel.

What would I do if I were Anwar Balousha?  I have no real illusions about what a rock through a window of the Atlanta Israeli consulate will accomplish.  I still can’t help but wonder if fear isn’t the foundation of the logic of my inaction.

8 Responses to “Israel Is Burying Children Alive: Obama’s Response? ‘No Comment’”

  1. Let him come to power. We’ll judge him then!

  2. He’s already in power. Don’t be fooled.

  3. No he’s not in power. He becomes president late in January.

  4. Lucy

    People who will rely on Barack Obama’s power understand that they can’t piss him off (and the interests he represents) now or after he is elected. If the incoming CEO at your job isn’t yet the boss, you would still do what he told you to do if he made it clear to you that he was serious about it.

  5. This is an outstanding, powerful statement.
    Don’t say you’re doing nothing. Writing this expression gives voice to others, like me, who are searching for the words to match their feelings.
    Making sense out of a senseless world is necessary for so many.

  6. The conclusive solution to silence radical Palestinian groups will be to establish an international military force to police Gaza and the West Bank headed by a contagion of forces from the more secular Arab countries to ensure the smooth transition to a strong Palestinian state. If there is a well crafted plan to create a Palestinian state, I think most of the Arab countries will readily send troops to help develop a viable Palestinian state.

    A peaceful Middle East will definitely have a lot of ramifications. A peaceful Middle East will stem the tide and accelerate a decline in radical Islam. There is no greater hope than that the Israelis and Palestinians get tired of their tortuous past full of wars then sit down and work towards a peaceful Middle East.

  7. If you can\’t do anything, then do what you can.

  8. @Richard: Radical JudeoChristianity is the world’s problem. Look at the major wars and military occupations around the globe over the last 50 years. Who is the common denominator?

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