Stress Tests Are Complete Joke; Market Optimism ‘Delusional’

It is most important to note that during this news interview the Bloomberg news anchor doesn’t challenge any of the facts presented. Only the analysts perspective. Sorta like what the Obamamaniacs respond with when he is criticized.

“Don’t be so cynical!”

Analysts Kirby Daley makes Bloomberg News unhappy by explaining why they and every analyst they have brought on has been lying through their teeth. A careful watching of the video reveals just how fundamentally corrupt the financial system and its paid guns, the corporate news anchors and analysts are. Daley is no leftist. He is advising his clients to get in and make a little quick money during what he calls this ‘manufactured’ market rise but then to GET OUT because it is not at all real.

The Bloomberg analysts, Bernard “Bernie” Lo tries to remain composed but is visibly uncomfortable with Daley’s presentation.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

For such an explosive video, it is is not widely posted.

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