Tabloidism or Preps For A Political Coup?

Left-wing Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo has fathered a child outside of marriage. OPn May 10th, Mother’s Day in the United States, this is a front page story according the newspaper of record. Some folk will say this is stupid of them to even report on it. Some will say Lugo is turd or is corrupt for having done this. But we all know the New York Times and the ruling class it represents doesn’t really care about this kind of thing. They do it all the time. It’s political. Just like the Spitzer story that happened right before the biggest political-financial scandal exploded in the state they removed him from, this Lugo story is political. So what is being planned? Chavez style political coup de etat? Hopefully Paraguay will be supported by Brazil, Venezuela and its other allies through what may be coming.

Here’s the pic from the front page story of the Times

Lugo Propaganda Photo nytimes

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