Whitney’s Failed Comeback

Drag em through the mud. Predictably, the white dominated press presents the worst possible spin on Whitney Houston’s so-called comeback. I liked Whitney back in the late 80s and 90s. I’ve got no particular love for her lavish lifestyle and the drug use and associated drama. But I have no special love for anyone that engages in that lifestyle. However, the white press seems to miss opportunities to drag white drug celebs through the mud in the same way. It’s probably just my paranoia though….

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2 Responses to “Whitney’s Failed Comeback”

  1. They’ve also played the relationship between her and Bobby Brown as being one that fits into a typical white media narrative of black man bringing a working black woman down, being a mooch and useless.

  2. Yes. Of course that. The color of the media is white and nonwhites will receive the same treatment from the media that nonwhites receive from ‘civil society’. To expect anything else would be illogical and naive.

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