Mary Norwood’s Race Politics

Mary Norwood is a white candidate for mayor of Atlanta, a city that elected the last white mayor in 1970, almost forty years ago. The one thing the election is not short on is pretense. We field negros are supposed to be pretending that race has nothing to do with any of this. With anything, in fact. Barack Obama is president of a white majority Amurka. Norwood can be mayor a Black majority ATL. See? No difference.

The New York Times reports today that Atlanta may see its first white mayor in more than a generation in Mary Norwood. The article is accompanied by many empty-headed slogans, from Black mouths of course, about it meaning nothing for a politician’s race to be Black. This is a slick move that distracts from the point of their article which is discussing a white mayor. Not meaning as much, or anything at all as some would say, that a mayor be Black is a very different thing than having a white mayor. Inductive reasoning perhaps is not required to become a Times writer. Or maybe the ability to manipulate faulty induction to build an upside down argument IS a prerequisite.

Mary Norwood Aims To Take Back Atlanta

Mary Norwood comes from Buckhead the whitest and richest white neighborhood in Atlanta. The political pundits who get their salaries paid by the advertising dollars flowing out of Buckhead won’t talk about her background much. And if you go looking for details and background info over at her Wiki page you’ll be left wanting. These are coincidences.

Anyone familiar with US politics beyond the superficial coding understands the role played by race and that there is a communication grid that operates just beneath the surface of all political talk. As a good auto mechanic would say, Norwood’s recent ad is hitting on all cylinders. As racist as this country and city are it is not your father’s racism and Norwood’s team understands it can’t win the mayor’s office yelling nigger. The operative phrases are crime, accountability and public safety. That’s nigger, 2009 style.

  • Crime is out of control = Black field negros are out of control. Of course with the implication that she will, finally, do some controlling.
  • City Hall is run poorly = Black politicians are corrupt. Duh. Of course they are. And who do they work for? The white men that graduated Emory with Norwood.
  • Everyone should be able to feel safe = White folks and house negros, it’s okay for you to come back into the city. Things are in good hands. Again. Kathryn Johnston types fiend for yourselves.

To be sure, all of the major candidates for mayor of Atlanta are business lackeys. And I don’t advocate for any of them but I do understand the particular threat posed by Mary Norwood, 1) she will give new confidence to white racism and white supremacy and 2) the increased difficulty field negros will have in protecting our civil liberties under a white mayor that does point 1.

Even Atlanta’s white progressives (whatever that means to them) are showing their true colors. The very first time a white mayor is viable in four decades, they are getting behind that campaign. Which doesn’t do much besides illustrate clearly to others what we already knew. When it comes down to it a white that calls himself liberal isn’t much different than a white that calls himself conservative. When it really comes down to it. He or she might not call me a nigger even behind closed doors but she’ll vote with the people who do.

If things keep moving in the direction we’re told they’re moving in (Norwood is supposedly the frontrunner) Black ATL will get to understand this truism up close and personal. And whites will get to turn the ATL back into Atlanta.

16 Responses to “Mary Norwood’s Race Politics”

  1. Wow…you’re a damn racist. So being Mayor of Atlanta is now the birthright of black people and anyone white who dares to run is a racist. As for your other comments, crime is out of control; City Hall is poorly run; and everyone should be able to feel safe. They are facts. If those facts are racial to you, then it shows your perspective. Whether or not black people or white people commit the crimes, they are being committed. You don’t seem to care about solving the problems and more about what color the skin is of the person who is supposed to solve them. I get so freaking sick to read this stuff in the year 2009. I lump your comments in with the worst of the KKK and Nazis.

    MLK said he had a dream that people would be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. You might try to be more like his dream.

  2. D R Lunsford Says:

    I think black people are now free to vote for a white person without guilt, because we have a black president. I think we’ve turned a corner here in the USA. Good luck Mary!


  3. Well, the luster is gone. Norwood didn’t win outright as she and the white media (major) media claimed she (probably) would. Like Hillary, the inevitability dust has blown away. And here we are.

    @DR Lunsford: Blacks need not feel guilty for voting for a white person. Should Blacks feel guilty voting for Buckhead Betty Republican graduates of Emory University for mayor of Atlanta? Maybe. Hehe. Of course they should. Unless they are Uncle Tom post-racialists. Of course. They vote for whoever the white media tells em to. And we know who that’ll be every fuckin time. So no thanks to that.

    @Neil: I hesitate to respond to such empty tripe as this comment you grace us with. How many times do white people have to trot out Martin Luther King??? As if that’s gonna shield you from being acknowledged as racist. King wasn’t all that to begin with. But that’s another post and it’ll probably only serve to confuse you, Neil.

    Norwood’s testimony and lack of a handle for Black issues like public transit….is that what you mean by the content of her character??? Of course not. You mean some nebulous empty-headed garbage about whether she seems nice which is really only a rating of the quality of her photo ops. No thanks to you too, Neil.

    Norwood doesn’t know or care about one of the major issues in the city, the cost of public transportation for transit dependent riders. This is a big issue. And she’s a sitting ‘at-large’ councilwoman.

    That alone should disqualify her from mayoral consideration. But I know it doesn’t. Whites have a chance to get a white mayor into the office and by golly, they are going to go for it!

  4. Thomas Jackson Says:

    African Americans should own and operate Atlanta,Detroit and Memphis,Washington DC and of course, the Chocolate city of New Orleans.

    However, this ownership has certain responsibilities, such as paying the costs of welfare, education, police protection, housing projects, jails and prisons, and defense lawyers for criminal polititicians. African American ownership means African Americans absorb the FULL costs…no leaning on European Americans.

    Since African Americans want ownership of these cities, I think it is only fair, that European Americans own and operate their own cities too. I look forward to a future of separation on all fronts.

  5. […] operative phrases are crime, accountability and public safety. That’s nigger, 2009 style.” ["Mary Norwood's Racial Politics, Can't Hold my Tongue, October 21, […]

  6. Regarding your comment about Norcross wanting to hire better accountants ,so more money can be used to hirie more policemen –to combat black crime in Atlanta.You said it was like saying the word “nigger”.Well I guess clored people like you would know about “niggers” and the cognoman’s usage. W.M. GO NORCROSS!!!!

  7. Let’s all hope this woman wins and turns Atlanta into one big Whitopia.

  8. kierra Hall Says:

    i believe that even tho she comes from a rich neighborhood she understands what minorities need

  9. Uncle Tom Bill Says:

    I find it funny as hell during Jan, when most Negroes celebrating MLK’s birthday, but fail to listen to what he said about JUDGING a man from the content of his CHARACTER, rather then the COLOR of his skin!
    I call that, talking out of both sides of your mouth!
    I’ve been in Atlanta from the time that street cars ran on rails in the street, so I just didn’t get off of the Greyhound yesterday.
    Frankly, I’m fed up with how this city is ran, and I think it’s due to the ineptness of the elected people.
    Some call Atlanta a “progressive” city, but I tend to call it, a regressive city.
    Being a homeowner, I’ve seen my taxes escalate, and my services go down!
    As a TAXPAYER, I expect services to be rendered, but it’s not.

    Look for your self!

    About trash pickup
    10/20/2009 03:37 PM

    Dear sir:
    Nearly two weeks ago, I phoned in a request to have rubbish removed from edge of vacant lot, and as of yet no response. When other people see the rubbish, they tend to dump their own trash, thus causing an eyesore.

    Attached are pictures. of trash near ———–, and ———– .

    Thank you

    Trash is still there!

    I’ve lived under black leadership long enough, that’s why I’m voting for Mary!

    And naw, it ain’t about “self hate”, it’s all about getting the job done.

    Once upon a time, my street was swept once a week, now it’s every three months, think I’m lying, check with city hall!

  10. God DAMN but you’re a typical nigger fucktard! The reason Atlanta sucks balls is because it’s full of animalistic, dope-dealing, murderous, thieving, car-jackin’, whore-pimpin NIGGERS who are nothing more than sub-human socio-parasites! JUST LIKE YOU NIGGER!
    Everything you niigers touch turns to SHIT! If you’re so fucking proud of your non-existant Afrocan heritage, then GET THE FUCK BACK TO AFRICA!! WE certainly don’t want your stinking welfare ghetto asses here, fucking up a nice, clean, WHITE civilized society!
    The filthy kike slavers took you primates out of the jungle about a million years too soon!

  11. @Kierra: What do you think of the Norwood support in this thread?

  12. your analysis was lame…

  13. none none. How appropriate! Fucktard cyber eunuch with a case of over-dosing on DumbAss!

  14. @none none: not so much apparently as to prevent you from taking the time to both read it and then comment. Maybe you just disagree. Especially since white Atlanta’s great white hope, Mary Norwood’s political career is now concluded.

  15. City hall and local government agencies are run like shit not because “they work for the white guys who graduated from Emory” as you so ignorantly proclaim. They are run into the ground because a bunch of lazy fucks found a job that they cannot be fired from, get their buddies hired, claim discrimination and get their bosses fired in order to take their place – then continue to sit on their ass and pass the buck each and every fucking time it comes to their desk. If you disagree – I encourage you to look at the statistics of all major cities in the South, Philly, Baltimore, DC, Philly, etc, etc,. Let me guess, all these cities have the same problem – whitey holding the “house negro” down and manipulation of the system..? Give me a fucking break. Man up and realize the real problem you lazy fucking worthless race….

  16. Brother, you’re 100 on the money!

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