Army Using Fake Fort Hood Threat For SOA Security

This morning it was exclusively reported by the Army Times that a threat letter was found yesterday at the Fort Benning, GA army base. The letter vaguely says that if the commanding general doesn’t call off all charges there will be a re-enactment of Fort Hood. The treat level of the base has been increased according to the Army Times, accompanied by a serious increase in police presence. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also reported on the threat, attempting to tie it to General Petraeus’ trip to the base for Officer Candidate School Operation.

Neither the Army Times or the AJC mention that the appearance of this note warning of a Fort Hood repeat occurred on the same day as the School of the Americas Watch protest at Fort Benning, GA, the largest annual protest of a US military establishment in the country.

This isn’t an error in journalism. The note is a fake. The reporting is a fake. Fort Hood is a massive US Army base. You would think, in the wake of the Fort Hood shootings that this might be national news. It isn’t. And because this isn’t being reported widely at CNN and other national outlets, the usual ratcheting up of public fear doesn’t seem to be the play here.

The SOAW protest is the target, which last year brought 20,000 people to the bases gates. Look for something unbecoming to perhaps happen this year. Looking out my hotel window I see flashing lights whizzing by and cops pulling people off of Columbus streets left and right.

The timing of this news story is such that it won’t discourage protestors from attending the event. It came out to late. Maybe the fake note was meant for something else.

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