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The White Antiwar Left Fades Into Quagmire

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Retired Col Ann Wright was in Atlanta October 6th speaking on Afghanistan at First Iconium Baptist Church. She outlined what has happened thus far in Afghanistan and gave her views on what the future should hold. The corporate news venue of record in Atlanta, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, ignored the event altogether. Atlanta Progressive News reported that the retired colonel argued for withdrawal. That’s not what I heard .

To be clear, everyone except out and out fascists understands that one day the US Armed Forces will leave Afghanistan. So when we say we argue for withdrawal, without a timetable it is an ‘argument’ without meaning. That is what the colonel offered. And that is what the white antiwar left as a whole is increasingly offering. Alternet, a news organization whose self-proclaimed mission is to inspire action and advocacy for human rights and social justice, is promoting, via one of its senior editors, Joshua Holland, a more sophisticated version of what Col Ann Wright described-the quagmire.

A quagmire is a situation from which it is difficult to extricate oneself. That, according to people like Josh Holland, Ann Wright, Medea Benjaminobama (CodePINK founder) and increasing numbers of the white antiwar left are calling the US occupation of Afghanistan. But take a second and think about what a quagmire is in contrast to the former antiwar demand of immediate withdrawal.

Immediate withdrawal, unlike withdrawal, is not confusing or ambiguous and shrugs off any kind of leeching quagmire analysis. Immediate withdrawal is just that. And quagmire can have nothing to do with immediate withdrawal. But immediate withdrawal increasingly, is not what the white antiwar left is calling for. And as they become more in line with Obama’s liberal/conservative consensus, they are getting attaboys from people like Ralph Lopez, who argue for prolonged backdoor Afghan occupation-we must save Afghan women from the Taliban. Lopez who runs a website called Jobs For Afghans and is a popular blogger at the website that claims to exist to get Democrats elected, DailyKos, writes about how the white peace movement has ‘grows up’. Specifically, grows up means CodePink founder Medea Benjamin is no longer calling for immediate withdrawal but something more sensible that acknowledges our responsibility to the women of Afghanistan under siege by the Taliban. Has anyone forgot about Iraq and how the US Armed Thugs are raping and murdering imprisoned women and children????? Apparently. Lopez is claiming that we need to create jobs in Afghanistan!! Haha, what does he think this is, really?? He refers to the position of immediate withdrawal as anti-imperialist flap.

Lopez and those who agree with him are stooges for Obama and before him, Bush. Lopez may or may not understand this but it doesn’t matter. The position speaks for itself. The corporations making billions off the war and the US planners that need the regional control all want to prolong the military occupation of the region. And this Ralph Lopez-Ann Wright-Medea Benjamin wing of the white antiwar movement has grown up and want to stay as well.

Back to the quagmire. The notion of a quagmire says, it implies rather, that one is caught between a rock and a hard place. Between completing a mission on the one hand and abandoning the mission and leaving on the other. Since when did the white antiwar movement believe the US Armed Thugs actually had a valid mission to complete in Afghanistan? It really has matured, I guess.

And the timing of this maturity couldn’t be better. Obama, this man of peace, this feminist, and also mature, is about to increase the troop levels of US Armed Thugs in Afghanistan. This will allow us to defeat the Taliban/Al Qaeda, kill Bin Laden and save the women. Then we can leave. Morally. Responsibly. Right?


Iran and Nukes

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The ‘situation’ framed as Iran posing a nuclear threat makes no sense outside of the framework of global white supremacy.  With pressure being applied from Western (read: white) nations, the world looks on cynically.  Folks inside the US, for the most part seem torn on whether or not they are willing to go to war with Iran with feelings on the issue, like most issues in this country, falling roughly along racial lines.  Most whites deem a war necessary if Iran won’t give up its nuclear program while almost all non-whites, along with antiwar whites, polled are against the idea.  The underlying and unspoken premise of whether or not to go to war with Iran is the notion, the racist notion, that Iran shouldn’t be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

The conventional rationales given for this is that Iran (or any Arab or Muslim country for that issue) can’t be trusted with nukes.  Obviously racist.  Then there is the more liberal rationale that states the need to prevent said countries’ extremists from getting a hold of the nukes.  That’s why the country shouldn’t be able to develop nukes.  The crazies might get them.  The real reason is much more straightforward than even those simplistic lies.

The white global powers, for centuries have exploited, through invasion, occupation and colonization, the Black, brown, red and yellow countries of the Earth.  Nukes are a deterrent to white military power.  This is why Iran, and no non-white country that doesn’t already have them, cannot have a nuke.  If Iraq had actually been able to develop a nuke, there never would have been a discussion about WMDs.  The white powers simply would have let Iraq into the club and talked with that country.  Because they knew Iraq didn’t have WMDs, and thus no way to hit them back, they invaded.  That is how it works, if you DON’T have WMDs you get your ass rocked and your citizens get wiped out.  If you can manage to get a nuke, you are acknowledged as a global power and are welcomed into the club.  That is why for non-white countries, the big picture of development, long term, dictates that acquiring nuclear weapon capability is as important as any other single factor.

Nuclear war would suck.  But conventional war sucks too.  Non-white leaders of countries around the world, if you don’t wanna get your asses kicked by the American and British Nazis, I suggest you start spinning those centrifuges overtime and develop some enriched uranium.  Or you’re likely to end up in a spider hole with a CNN camera shoved in your face and a M-16 up your ass.  The only thing white countries understand is force.  Get a nuke and you’re safe.  Acquiesce and they will say you have a nuke anyway and come take your oil (diamonds, natural gas, or whatever you have of value).

All the while, of course, claiming that this or that country will make the world less safe for democracy.

Smash and Grab

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It took a while.

The US imperial military stormed in and destroyed one of the oldest civilizations on the planet.  Whenever it was called a war for oil the political pundits–all the mainstream political pundits–made the charge sound incredible.  Usually framing it with credibility draining phrases like Bush’s critics say and anti-war campaigners  claim.  Maybe it’s more credible now that London’s Financial Times is saying the same thing that regular people were saying more than five years ago.

The oil is being stolen.

The US population could give two shits?  They just wanna be able to drive their cars to water parks all summer without having to stop by the bank for a second mortgage.  Eyes have been turned toward Iran and the so-called push to stop the next war.  Meanwhile the imperial viceroys of the US distribute the resources belonging to the people of Iraq.

The Spoils of War

I mean if this wasn’t going to happen what really would have been the point to all of this?  Nation-building? Don’t you love to hear that term?  It’s a part of the vocabulary of the schizoid-pathological lying-white American.  The notion that this country that has killed so many people for so many of their resources, the notion that the psychopaths that do and that have from the beginning, run this country would actually have any real concern with the peoples of the world (beyond taking what they can from them) requires a person to have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.  A description which fits most citizens of the USA, particularly its citizens that can be identified as white.  Being that the ability to think critically about anything of significance has been destroyed, smash and grabs like the one perpetrated on the people of Iraq can be executed with little fanfare and without most folks inside the empire being able to identify what is even happening.

The graphic to the right can be found on the Financial Times website along with a poll of the readers as toBlueprint for the Heist whether this day should be deemed a national holiday in the US and UK.  While theft of the resources of Black and brown people usually does not merit particular celebration beyond the typical trappings, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, etc.  This day in history, the armed robbery of Iraq by the white imperial powers surely justifies some kind of commemoration. Yes?  The readers must decide.

The graphic, with circles identifying the most rich fields, is quite well done and represents the level of care and concern and import to be associated by responsible people, with this moment.  This is 21st century capitalism in all its glory.

Iran, Venezuela and other resource rich states…take note.  If you wanna see your hometown get famous on a graph like this of your own, keep playing around with the UN and their games.  If you don’t wanna be immortalized in this way, do what others before you have done and get the only protection plan you can count on.

Worthy and Unworthy Victims: The Psychology of ‘Western’ Disaster Response

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The cyclone that hit Burma and now the earthquake that hit China both remind me of another one of those weird global rules. If you pay attention to all disasters, you’ll notice that there are grades of victims. Without a doubt, one can perceive the difference in coverage and therefore treatment of white Floridians whenever a hurricane hits the coast. That’s easy to see. And, considering the history and contemporary manifestation of white supremacy in the United States one would expect there to be significant differences in how white victims and black victims inside the US are covered by US corporate media. More interesting to me is how non-US victims of a disaster are covered and subsequently treated as opposed to black US victims of disasters. And before I go any further, I should make it clear that I understand that the US gov’t doesn’t really significantly contribute to any disaster fund. It’s mostly rhetorical blather. I know. But rhetoric repeated on 24 ‘news’ services has psychological and therefore eventual material effects that can and often do determine life and death for vulnerable economically and socially vulnerable people. But about the non-US vs US black victim coverage. I don’t believe the US gov’t cares at all about the Burmese people. But this tragedy provides an opportunity for them to get in psychological propaganda shots at a gov’t, the Burmese gov’t, that isn’t being as obedient to the US gov’t as they’d like for it to be. Therefore, the people of Burma are presented as in the most dire straits and in need of vital aid, which the Burma gov’t is denying them by keeping out US planes full of food (and let’s face it, who knows what else is on the planes) and supplies. By contrast, because the US gov’t has the US Black population in such a subjugated position and has so little to gain by exposing the plight of threatened US Black populations, they get no press. And none of this even begins to address what is and what is not a disaster. 50%+ unemployment and ridiculously high murder rates are the norm in many Black communities. While these circumstances would merit all order of emergency intervention, aid and supplies if the communities were white this status of a Black community is, by white supremacist definition, not an emergency at all.

What does this mean on the ground for regular folks who ‘want to help’ people? The racial situation inside the US is dire. It is understood to always be the elephant in the room. Even by whites, although white folks, with historic consistency, underestimate the size of the elephant and overestimate the volume of the room. Guilt with white liberals and angst ridden backlash with white conservatives and many liberals are just a small part of the white psychological cost of multigenerational denial and ignoring of the US’ problems. Here Burma and, to a lesser extent, China serve a function very valuable to the American empire. Whites, on several psychological levels, understanding that they unjustly enjoy the good life, savor these opportunities to reach out and help melanin endowed people in a tight spot. This is where white volunteerism and charity best fulfill their 21st century imperial role. They provide a psychological salve to whites in the US and Europe that understand that they are the beneficiaries of global rule by force by allowing them to ‘do good works’ in a situation that they can almost justifiably feel they had nothing to do with. I emphasize almost because of most black, brown, yellow and red people around the world weren’t still resisting or trying to recover from the economic and cultural dislocation of hundreds of years of white colonial rule they would be better able to fend for themselves in the face of natural disasters. Another post, though.

The most intense media focus on ‘international’ disasters work to raise the profile of these tragedies to a point where they are immediately identifiable by anyone not residing under a rock. Then the charity framework is deployed as a psychological weapon against whites, allowing them to discharge their guilt and angst into international assistance endeavors that contribute significantly to them not dealing with the man-made domestic catastrophes in US urban centers. Catastrophes that these same whites played a good part in creating. If not for the psychological displacement effect of these international efforts, whites might be more prepared to understand and admit to the destruction they continue to be a part of not thousands of miles but merely thousands of feet from their very homes. It is understood that the framework of international aid and charity serve a vital material as well as psychological function in hamstringing domestic resistance and thus maintaining the US’ imperial stranglehold on so much of the world.

The suffering of Burmese and Chinese people is, of course, horribly real. If only they could see a true international community response as opposed to the political dog and pony show the US and Europe engage in whenever misfortune strikes a vulnerable population of a developing nation. And if only US whites could break out of the mental gridlock of guilt and angsty backlash and both embrace whate remains of as well as rebuild their humanity, we might all be able to look forward to brighter days.

Subprime Isn’t The Real Problem

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Everyday is yet another ‘subprime’ revelation from this or that company. A writedown, they call it. I wish I could do a writedown when I can’t pay bills. But whatever. There is this peculiar notion floating around that the subprime/predatory lending fiasco is why the Fed has printed on the order of half a trillion bucks (500 billion) in the past 7 months or so.

This is BS designed to keep folks from asking pertinent questions about economic fundamentals that are going to be the real reason the economy tanks. And it is going to tank big time. Not a recession but a depression. I don’t say this with nihilistic glee. I could very well lose my job, have to do something illegal and end up in jail or prison over this economy wreckage by the billionaires. So it isn’t funny on that level. But I am glad to see that the US will probably decrease in power and be less able to kill black and brown people the world over. A good thing that I’ll perform an imaginary toast to even if I end up in the tank at some point.

But the economy. The fundamentals are fucked. The US does very little manufacturing compared to its consumption. So basic trading parameters are way out of whack. Economists try to mask this by talking about productivity in a vague sense instead of production in the material sense. But you can only talk for so long. The debt collector on the other line eventually hangs up and sends goons to collect on the stuff you can’t pay for. This is happening. The price of oil is rising and the US doesn’t have the economic or military power projecting capability to do shit about it. And oil is gasoline which is used to get most folks back and forth to work everyday, gas is used to push 18 wheelers across the country with TVs, fruit, veggies and thousands of other things in them. All delivered with gas that will soon be, in the words of the Atlanta greats, “Sky High!” Oil that is used to make plastics used to make, well, fuck. Everything. Oil that is used to make the polyester, rayon and dacron in our clothes. Oil is $110/barrel and they can only hide the cost adjustment in finished products for so long. Severe turbulence is coming.

But the reason. The reason. That’s what we are being lied to about. We are told that the reason this happened was because of bad mortgages. Not so. Look at the amount of money the Fed is dumping into the economy supposedly to cover losses from these bad mortgages. About 500 billion since August of last year. There haven’t been anywhere near that much in losses from mortgages. People float fake numbers about how much in mortgage losses are out there by quoting the total value of all the houses potentially caught up in this. Think about how that doesn’t make sense. If you don’t pay your car payment, they take the car. It doesn’t mean that they are out the total value of your car. They resell it they make even more money. Even if they can’t resell some of the houses, they certainly aren’t out this much money. The real deal with all of this isn’t the value of homes. It is the trading that was done after these mortgages were securitized (another word for ponzi scheme) and the other thing none of the economists are discussing, derivatives. Warren Buffet called derivatives “financial weapons of mass destruction”. The combined global economy, that’s all countries and all wealth, is like 45 trillion bucks in value. The global derivatives market is more than 500 trillion. Please slow down here and understand what these numbers mean. The derivatives market is more than 10 times the combined economies of every country on the planet. Derivatives are what is causing the havoc, derivatives are why the Fed is pumping 200 billion/month that they tell us about! Derivatives are these complex financial instruments that are essentially bets turning the global economy into an even bigger casino that it has been in the past (a tough feat).

Subprime was only the catalyst for the inevitable crash that derivatives had to cause. And the terrible economic fundamentals (no manufacturing) are the things that will keep the US billionaires from rebounding. But derivatives are the bomb that will do the destruction.

Here is a video describing what derivatives are. Eye opening stuff.

The Death Star Rotates Towards Venezuela

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Venezuelan President Hugo ChavezAnd so it begins. The (un)official run-up to, not another coup attempt (but perhaps), but an actual attack on Venezuela? With the months remaining of Bush’s lame duck presidency finally in the single digits (unless the rich cancel the elections) we enter a new act of US/international political theater. This one has a US’ stooge state attempting to get Venezuela in the sights of another US stooge, the UN. Except it’s not the UN. The rich are getting more sophisticated. They use, their client state, Colombia to, based on bogus international terrorism charges, situate Venezuela and Chavez with, not the UN but the International Criminal Court. A court the US refuses to be accountable to. Two birds are killed with one stone in this ploy. The ICC, not being (as much) a US stooge organization will dismiss the bullshit claims coming out of the Colombia/US ploy. This will, at once, intensify popular US antipathy towards the ICC and international accountability organizations generally while slandering the Venezuelan govt and popular movement.

Note how this story comes out on one of the biggest news day of 2008 thus far. Everyone is distracted, watching the other ruling class production starring Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, this is a good day to float the idea of Venezuela as a terror state while guaranteeing that there will be no serious analysis at all. Not that ABCNNBCBS and FOX ever do analysis but today will provide a blackout even from the internet, probably.

So this is the beginning of the groundwork for the punditry like Chris Matthews and Bill O’Reilly to begin ‘seriously’ discussing Venezuela as a terror state. And give it another few months before their discussion catches on in the general population and you know the rest. The empire doesn’t have the resources to actually attack Venezuela but this game can be used to decrease international solidarity with Chavez and his Bolivarian Revolution, an interesting and revealing tactic in and of itself. Who would have thought the US would, so soon, even give a shit about international solidarity amongst so-called 3rd world countries. It normally would have just economically isolated them or militarily crushed them. The military option has ceased to even exist and because of the exploding derivatives bombs the threadbare curtain hiding the US elite from the US population makes the economic isolation response to Chavez almost as difficult. This ICC attempt to embarrass and isolate Venezuela illustrates the US’ decreasing ability to project military or economic power, a good thing for the popular movements in the southern hemisphere and elsewhere.

Australians Laughing at Indigenous Expense…Still

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When the new Australian Parliament comes into the session the first order of business reportedly will be an official apology to the aboriginal population for the wrongs committed against it by, and this is the Australian govt’s wording, past generations. And notice that while the Times isn’t shy about publicizing the white atonement, it isn’t nearly as forthcoming with context as to what, specifically, the apology is for. Haha. If nothing else you must admire white racial ingenuity. I’ve commented on this before, this ingenuity…this psychosis, as a part of the pathological mindset required to be an American. And it is true but more than that, this apology is a snapshot of the larger pathology associated with being white on this planet at this point in history.

A compelling dramatization of what went down in Australia is the subject of the movie, Rabbit Proof Fence, for those of you that don’t know the history down under. It’s a good way to get a quick sense of the historical scene, so to speak.  Although the current global white supremacist order has managed, of course, to put a happy go lucky face on the country, in the real world, white Aussies are a sordid little gaggle that attempted to destroy an entire people as govt policy. And it was all done specifically along racial lines as it was in the US and the colonies of England, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain and the rest of white Europe. Definitely a movie to see if you are thinking that Australia is only about kangaroos and crocodile hunters. Rabbit Proof Fence is about the stolen generations. The stolen generations were Aboriginal kids taken from their families at a young age. The conservative estimate of children kidnapped by the white Australian govt is 100,000. That’s what the govt admits to. That number has been disputed. The reason for the kidnappings was the hope that the kids could be culturally assimilated and eventual subsequent generations bred white. Yes. The folks down under hoped to wipe the Aborigines off the planet. The operative word for official Australian policy is genocide. A conversation on that plane is what Australia and the white world generally, attempts to avoid.

As in the US and most of the world, whites have a disproportionate amount of influence over the lives of non-whites. This is true in Australia, a country that came into being as a penal colony, making that country’s historic role in the global white order particularly harsh and obvious. Even still, Australians, like contemporary US whites, see no connection to them being on top, so to speak, and the racial crimes of previous generations of whites against non-whites.

They see no connection.

Of course they really do see a connection, making hypocrisy and willful ignorance a prerequisite of even being white. A white person must pretend to not understand how privilege and white opportunity today is connected with the overt crimes of yesterday, not to mention contemporary crimes. Not to be overstated, this is an essential component of the psychology of whiteness. Every white person participates and drinks from this cup, to varying degrees, of course. White Australians are in a particularly difficult situation as many of the actual people they beat up, commonly known as the Aborigines, are still alive. This presents a problem.  White countries absolutely must present a liberal social facade for economic purposes (something white South Afrikans evidently had to learn the hard way).  The answer to this problem of course is the shell game being played in the Australian Parliament right now. Hollow ceremonial apologies are but one slight of hand in the game. Monuments and museums are another. All of the tactics are consistent with one primary motive. To put as much temporal distance between the lifespans of those directly affected and the present moment. If enough time is allowed to pass, eventually those living will be able to throw their hands up and claim that everyone affected is dead and no one living is actually responsible. This game was and is played very well inside the United States, another basestar of normalized racism and white hypocrisy. Here, the main issue is, of course, the enslavement of blacks by whites. The waiting game was played here to perfection. Although the white US population had advantages that the Australians do not have relating to global moral standards which allowed US whites more latitude in denying financial reparations to obviously wronged people. Disadvantaged in this regard, still the Australians are soldiering on in their quest to avoid justice and uphold the mantle of global white supremacy. Will Australian white power succeed? I would hope that in 2008 the global tide might be turning against such rank injustice but the clock is surely ticking on the Aborigines. Soon, very soon, whites will move into the amnesia phase of their act, combined with parallel claims that too much time has passed for financial reparations. Financial reparations alongside land redistribution to those who lived on and maintained it, before the killers arrived, is long overdue. I know what side of the issue I’m on.