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Republic Windows and Doors Workers Win

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“See that sign up there? Without us, it would just
say ‘Republic,’ because we make the windows and doors. This shows that you
can fight–and that you have to fight.”

True words from Melvin Maclin, Vice Prez of United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers (UE) Local 1110.  While everyone is happy to see the workers of Republic Windows and Doors get paid for some of the work they’ve done (as long as this system is intact, the owners will always be leeching off a large proportion of all our sweat and blood), I can’t help but wonder what things might have looked like if this had gotten more publicity.  It’s interesting how quickly BoA found ways to fork over cash.  Just long enough for sections of the public to pick up on corporate media reports favorable to the workers, a couple of days of negotiation and then with little fanfare, BoA forks over the cash and all ends happily ever after.

I called my folks this morning and asked them about it and they were happy about the outcome.   But my pops remarked that most of the people he knows, some union folks even, hadn’t yet heard about what was goin on.  So if some union folks hadn’t yet picked it up yet, one can assume that anti-union and ostensibly apolitical folks, many of them likely didn’t hear about the occupation of this factory by workers.

Analyzed as a media event, which is how most propaganda works in this society, the target of this would be the left and the left’s connections to the center left, who might see this event as corporate power acting responsibly in this ‘new era’.  There is no new era of course but what we create.  And the struggle at Republic was a small one, hopefully just the beginning, catalyst not anesthesia.  While celebrating we should notice how quickly things were resolved and how few folks actually found out what was happening and how positive the media was towards the workers position.  We should notice and we should think about what, if anything, it means in terms of lessons for this and future campaigns and struggles.

Just as this situation finds itself being wrapped up, unions are in the news again.  And this time, probably at a much higher profile.  The Service Employees International Union is being sucked into the Illinios governor’s scandal.  The scandal is about the US Senate seat left vacant by Barack Obama’s election to POTUS.  The governor is allowed to choose the successor until the next election.  The SEIU in Illinois is being implicated in a scheme, along with the mayor to pay for a particular figure, Valerie Jarrett, to be selected.

So  while we have a relatively low profile victory here in Republic Windows and Doors, the much higher profile story will involve the SEIU and Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich.  President-elect Barack Obama is also being pulled into this as today’s NYTimes story on this is suggesting that the Obama administration had promised to ‘work with’ the SEIU if they could get Valerie Jarrett into the US Senate.

This will of course require that President-Elect Obama deny the entire thing and shit on SEIU (and by extension, unions generally) for even possibly being involved in this.  And this story will have much stronger and longer legs than our Republic victory, of course.  Let’s keep our eyes open!

Obamanation: A Lesson In Black Power

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Being Black in the US means something.  It implies an understanding of power and oppression.  It implies an800px-americaafricasvg inclination and proclivity to side with those that resist oppression and exploitation, the Black nation having a history of acute experience with those forces.

That said, does it matter if we have sitting, the first Black chairman in the 221 years of the House’s existence, if he sits idly by and congratulates a president-elect that promises to embrace imperial foreign policy across Africa and the so-called Middle East?

Does it matter if that President-Elect’s skin happens to be Black if his office appoints an Attorney General that advocates more of a draconian domestic policy already  decimating Black communities?

Does it matter if we are greeted by the first ever Black Attorney General if he wants to make possession with (cop’s discretion) intent to distribut a 5 year felony?

Does it matter, in 2008, the color of the faces of a system that is grinding into dust, the bones of Black and Brown Americans and Iraqis alike?

Hell yes, it matters so much that he is Black.  But not as a justification for backslapping celebration.  Obama is a tool of the ruling class and when the power of Blackness is used by the ruling class it is Black power in reverse, turned around to use as a weapon against everyone except the ruling class.

barack_obamaThe Obama administration, before it officially begins, is shaping up to be the nightmare so many abstainers and McKinney supporters predicted it would.  I told you so’s may make some folks feel better about having been right but that shit doesn’t really matter at all.  What seems important here is the opportunity, maybe an opportunity, to learn and to teach.  Black and Brown communities in the US have represented the tip of the spear of progressive struggle for centuries.  Over the past 35 or so the nature of that struggle has been severely compromised by the phenomenon of Black faces in high places.  My city, Atlanta, is as good an example of it as any Black or Brown city in the country.  Maynard Jackson, in 1974 became the first Black mayor of Atlanta.  Not incidentally, Coleman Young was simultaneously being sworn in as the first Black mayor of the Motor City.  To this day, Atlanta has seen nothing but Black mayors.  From Jackson to Andrew Young to Jackson again to Bill Campbell to Shirley Franklin.  In that time, Atlanta has served as something of the model of the evolution of white institutional power-Jim Crow style-into the new Black face of white power never before illustrated more powerfully than in the placement of Barack Obama in the office of the President of the United States.

On the morning November 5, 2008 I woke to a United States of America that was the same gulag of a country it was when I drifted off to sleep the night before amidst a popcorn symphony of fireworks and pistols celebrating the placement of Barack Obama as the next president of this hellhole.  Okay, okay.  Maybe it’s not a hellhole.  But ask an Iraqi.  Or a Lakota.  Or a Nicaraguan.  If you wanna be precise, there is a long list of people, within and without the US, and from dozens of other countries that will probably sign on to the hellhole moniker.   But that’s another post maybe.  Barack Obama’s melanin didn’t change what this country was or is.  And considering the good mayors like Jackson, Young, Campbell and Franklin have done a major city like Atlanta you must wonder what in the hell we thought Obama would even mean.  Considering what Clarence Thomas in the Judicial and Condoleeza Rice in the Executive have meant to Black people and oppressed people around the world, maybe we should have known better.  The proverbial water is still flowing under the bridge, with the bodies of New Orleans and Iraqis and Afghanis floating just beneath the shimmering, celebratory surface.  What is there to learn here?

The placement, not election, of Barack Obama on the one hand proves that a Black face in a high place is worthless while simultaneously proving that his face is worth it’s weight in gold.  The critical question is for whom.  For us, the people, Black administrators in a system controlled by white corporate power continues to be meaningless.  The system, not select positions within it, is the problem.  For them, the ruling class a Black face is almost priceless.  Black people within and without the United States, have lost faith in the United States.  The nightmare, always marketed as the ‘dream’, had become unbearably harsh for too many.  So harsh that there was a danger that, as with particularly bad dreams, people might be jolted out of sleep.  This is where Obama is needed.

Increasingly hip to the sick game of broken white promises, Enrons, grandmothers drowning in the ninth ward, computers and courts stealing elections, immigration raids sending abandoned kids to hide in the woods, the rich fucks have a crisis of confidence in the whole system on their hands.  And not just the confidence of the usual folks who get fucked but wider now.  White folks were losing faith fast too.  All this makes the placement of ahandsome (read light-skinned), articulate (speak like a white newscaster) 2004 Illinois state senator to President of the United States in 2008.  Once the celebration ends maybe we’ll even ask where this guy even came from.

Obama won’t serve us.  He’ll serve those who coronated him.  And but of course.  Will Black and Brown folks take this moment to contemplate and learn or will we drunk on the narrative of those who would continue our enslavement, stand and salute our Blackness turned around to signal our own demise?

Iran and Nukes

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The ‘situation’ framed as Iran posing a nuclear threat makes no sense outside of the framework of global white supremacy.  With pressure being applied from Western (read: white) nations, the world looks on cynically.  Folks inside the US, for the most part seem torn on whether or not they are willing to go to war with Iran with feelings on the issue, like most issues in this country, falling roughly along racial lines.  Most whites deem a war necessary if Iran won’t give up its nuclear program while almost all non-whites, along with antiwar whites, polled are against the idea.  The underlying and unspoken premise of whether or not to go to war with Iran is the notion, the racist notion, that Iran shouldn’t be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

The conventional rationales given for this is that Iran (or any Arab or Muslim country for that issue) can’t be trusted with nukes.  Obviously racist.  Then there is the more liberal rationale that states the need to prevent said countries’ extremists from getting a hold of the nukes.  That’s why the country shouldn’t be able to develop nukes.  The crazies might get them.  The real reason is much more straightforward than even those simplistic lies.

The white global powers, for centuries have exploited, through invasion, occupation and colonization, the Black, brown, red and yellow countries of the Earth.  Nukes are a deterrent to white military power.  This is why Iran, and no non-white country that doesn’t already have them, cannot have a nuke.  If Iraq had actually been able to develop a nuke, there never would have been a discussion about WMDs.  The white powers simply would have let Iraq into the club and talked with that country.  Because they knew Iraq didn’t have WMDs, and thus no way to hit them back, they invaded.  That is how it works, if you DON’T have WMDs you get your ass rocked and your citizens get wiped out.  If you can manage to get a nuke, you are acknowledged as a global power and are welcomed into the club.  That is why for non-white countries, the big picture of development, long term, dictates that acquiring nuclear weapon capability is as important as any other single factor.

Nuclear war would suck.  But conventional war sucks too.  Non-white leaders of countries around the world, if you don’t wanna get your asses kicked by the American and British Nazis, I suggest you start spinning those centrifuges overtime and develop some enriched uranium.  Or you’re likely to end up in a spider hole with a CNN camera shoved in your face and a M-16 up your ass.  The only thing white countries understand is force.  Get a nuke and you’re safe.  Acquiesce and they will say you have a nuke anyway and come take your oil (diamonds, natural gas, or whatever you have of value).

All the while, of course, claiming that this or that country will make the world less safe for democracy.

White Media Piles On Kanye Again; Lying About Bonnaroo

Posted in Psychological Warfare, Racism on June 16, 2008 by marcg

For the record, I don’t give a care about Kanye or multimillion dollar entertainers, generally (with a few exceptions for actually talented folk like Prince and Ndegeocello). I look at these stories cuz they tell a socio-cultural story about where people’s minds are. The white space for music in middle Tennessee also known as Bonnaroo this year had a lineup including Kanye West, a Black artist in the midst of a sea of almost all white artists and even whiter fans.

Kanye was scheduled to go on to perform at 2:45am Sunday morning.  Major white media outlets are reporting here, here and here that Kanye was an hour and twenty minutes late getting started.  Most white outlets are running the AP piece by Jake Coyle, who only finds it fitting to parenthetically mention that the act before Kanye, a white band, Pearl Jam, went over their allotted time by a full hour.  That delay by Pearl Jam, combined with unspecific technical difficulties configuring Kanye’s performance rig are the reason that Kanye was late coming out.  The focus, however, of the white media is Kanye’s supposed refusal to kiss the collective asses of the white fans at Bonnaroo.  Kanye is probably an asshole.  Most millionaires are.  But the white media is again showing their unforgivable whiteness in their biased treatment of millionaires with melanin which is a part of a larger campaign, whether intentional or not, that conditions white America to think and therefore treat Black people as a whole, differently.  And that’s differently as in worse than others are treated.  By constantly sending out negative signals about high profile rich Blacks as well as the required national and local daily broadcasts of poor Black people in handcuffs and orange jumpsuits standing in front of usually white judge (but in their fav cases, the judge will be Black, too), white media conditions white media consumers to think and thus act unfavorably towards their Black countrywomen and men.

White folks will claim that this conspiracy is ludicrous.  I don’t care what you call it.  Conspiracy, assholes engaging in shoddy reporting; it is little consequence to me how motive is rationalized.  The effects are the same, the perpetuation of racist ideas, stereotypes and ultimately actions.  I understand the impulse to recoil from anything even remotely smacking of ‘conspiracy’.  The media, particularly white media but not only them, certainly do execute an ongoing campaign to disparage any kind of talk that describes, charges or analyzes conspiratorial actions unless it is a conspiracy white media owners are amenable to labeling as such.  White media contributors and editors are keenly aware of their influence on public opinion and ultimately public actions, leading them to not publicize all kinds of things that they claim might incite undue fear in the public.  Such as information about chemicals in food, the claims of the dangers of nuclear power and other things.  The point is that they understand fully, the role they play in setting the mental and psychological agenda of the white masses.  So when they regularly pull this kind of shit on millionaires with melanin it’s difficult for me to let them off the hook as it being incidental and random when there are far mor white millionaires that are engaged in all kinds of drug use and other mischieviousness that white media either ignores or frames very differently than when the same actions are pulled by Blacks with money.

White media is simpy the psychological control and manipulation arm of white business that enslaves us all, white and Black.  Blacks and non-whites generally, tend to see and understand this at far greater rates than our melanin-lacking brothers and sisters.  Which gets to the crux of the problem.  White people need to wake up and realize what the fuck is actually going on in the world and stop blaming non-whites for the world they have, in their ignorance, created.  Racism and global colonialism, environmentally degradating consumerism, starvation in the so-called Third World…these are all problems created and sustained by white folks.  But only together can we end them.  Stop watching corporate media white people so that you all might begin the journey to reclaim your minds and your humanity.  Turn off the mind control boxes and start listening to your brothers and sisters of color.  There is a lot for you all to learn and a long way for all of us to travel together.

O’Reilly Receives New Orders From Murdoch: Gay Marriage Is A Go

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[redlasso id=”9ca7efa6-5a1d-4443-97be-00cd871b6726″]
What I find most instructive about this video interview of right wing nutjob (redundant, I know) Don Schweitzer is how it reveals the extreme right wing nature of US political television ‘programming’. Without hostility or degradation, O’Reilly makes the guy look completely ridiculous. O’Reilly reveals the complete lack of any actual logical or moral underpinning to the argument against gay marriage. And this isn’t some chump but a head honcho family law attorney. Well, he is a chump too, but the point is that O’Reilly easily pwns him with a few calm, rational but direct questions.

As a thought experiment, imagine if there was someone allowed to do this kind of thing night after night on a national network. If, instead of the usual fluff or the softball questions if someone were allowed to pose rational, even-handed questions to the right-wing what would this country look like in six months? And that isn’t a thought experiment that asks what if a Leftists were allowed to do this. But only if someone approximately centrists were allowed to do so.

This video demonstrates very clearly, with its starkness of its rational tone, just how accustomed we as a viewing nation have become to far right discourse dominating and marginalizing not the Left but Center thought. Fascism doesn’t start with jackboots goose-stepping their pencil mustaches into our living rooms but with the normalizing of extreme ideas and concepts, something fascists have already achieved in the United States. And the evidence is right in front of you. Occasional glimpses of Centrists rationality, like this video, that shock our well-indoctrinated and ever closing minds.

Idiot Alert: Al Qaeda Warrior Uses Internet to Rally Women and Men To Jihad

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The most ridiculous story to come out this month greets us almost as the month comes to a close.  Supposedly the super secret international terrorist organization known as Al Qaeda is having its publicist do an interview with the NYTimes.

Take a look.

I am tempted to dismiss this kind of story as silly but I fear it is too important to simply dismiss.  It is being run on or near the front page of the New York Times, the ‘paper of record’ or so they claim.  True or not, millions of people are digesting this tripe.  This ridiculous notion that a serious terrorist organization publicly recruits in this fashion and then has its recruiter do interviews with the enemy’s leading print press.  So what actually gives?  Is this woman serious?  Is she part of some European or US intelligence apparatus?  Who can say.  But could it be, is it even vaguely possible that the Times’ version of events is real in this case?

Barry Bonds and the National White Circus Called Major League Baseball

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When it comes to professional sports and race, white fans are like pre-speech toddlers attempting to deliver a lecture on physics. Dave Zirin, whom I don’t always agree with, is one of the only non-Black sportswriters in this country who has a clue.

Professional sports is the national sociological paint canvas upon which racial-psychological politics are metaphorically drawn. Being on the outs in this society, Black folks see this clearly. White folks, rarely actually having to think about race, when called to speak on it, always astonish us with their arrogance but far more often with their extreme ignorance and foolish statements.

The Bonds debacle is all about race. To understand this you have to first understand something political. So if you don’t have the patience to think about things, move along and keep being ignorant cuz you’ll never understand the Barry Bonds saga if you don’t get that this, the United States, is an empire. Like Rome and other empires before, we rule internationally with an unelected, authoritarian iron fist. Domestically, like Rome, we do a lot of jawwing about democracy. Of course the domestic population gets screwed just like the foreign black and brown and yellow people around the globe. In order to keep all of this moving, the US does what so-called democratic empires always do, it provides a circus to turn the population into spectators of spectacles while the rulers do the heavy lifting on stuff that actually matters in the real world (which is not sports). Because the US’, as Rev Wright put it, birth defect of having been born enslaving a large sector of its working class, the US’ circus of choice has always been race. Ostensibly the circus is the big pro sports. But actually, the circus is race.

The biggest pro sports in the US are football, basketball and baseball. The NFL and NBA are largely Black sports and thus tend to not be as reactionary as other sports dominated by whites because the Black population of the country is generally left wing while whites generally numerically are right wing in a political/ideological sense.

Black people dominate football and basketball overtly. Unlike the NFL and NBA, MLB is only 8% Black and thus it is the most reactionary of the big 3 major sports. Though Blacks aren’t represented much in the composition of MLB, still the most coveted mark in all of baseball is held by a Black citizen. This presents a grand opportunity for the white power structure (and regardless of whether or not you believe it is a good thing or not, no one can deny that there is a white power structure; this is an observable fact. The MLB teams and corporations that provide ad revenue are owned almost 100 percent by white males. This is a fact, not opinion)…so the white power structure takes advantage of its largely white MLB audience to use baseball as a stage to play psych games with the minds of Americans as well as to do what circuses do–distract people. In our case, distractions are designed to keep us from paying attention to politics and the rest of real life.

A quick thought experiment makes this clear. Of course, thought experiments are only as effective as the mind of the person attempting to perform the experiment. And as I mentioned before regarding whites thoughts about race, not so impressive. But anyways, imagine if Barry Bonds was instead named Dale Murphy. Nothing and I mean nothing save him being caught in a photograph–no, a video–shaking hands–no, making a bomb–with Osama Bin Laden would keep him off a team or out of the HOF. White players in the big three pro sports are just about impenetrable when they are superstars. Even Clemens, who has far more evidence against him, isn’t being handled the way that Bonds was/is handled. Bonds, who hasn’t been convicted of anything and who wasn’t even being investigated til it was simply decided that he would be. But the thought experiment. Imagine Dale Murphy had broken Hammerin Hank’s record of long balls. The steroid thing would never have come up. Anyone who is honest knows that this is true. We would be discussing building Dale Murphy skyscrapers, naming ballparks after him and sending him around the world as a diplomat for world peace or something. When white players achieve the highest heights only convictions and getting caught red-handed will get them in hot water. And as evidenced by Pete Rose, even when caught red-handed, the punishment has temporal limitations. When Black players f/k up, they’re done. They either go to prison never again to see any kind of contract or even positive publicity, or they are just erased from memory. There are more examples of this than I care to take time to cite. But just look at the behavior of a very white sports like tennis or cycling and the kid gloves deployed to respond to it.
Jenifer Capriati – was on crack but now hailed as comeback kid
Martina Hingis – also caught doing crack; gets to keep all her titles and no bad publicity circus
Lance Armstrong – lots of testimony from people close to him that he used cocaine cocktails and steroids to enhance his performance yet he still gets big endorsement deals and commentators ignore the same kind of hearsay they have virtually convicted Bonds with. Actually the Lance Armstrong hearsay they ignore is much worse than Bonds. But anyways. You get the picture, I hope.

The racial double standard in pro sports is undeniable by anyone that can put two brain cells together for a thought or two. But the Barry Bonds hearsay attack saga rolls on unabated. Meanwhile, over a million Iraqi kids are dead due to a military conflict ordered by white CEOs and their political representatives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Millions more suffer torture in US prison gulags for petty drug charges and tens of millions die slowly because white CEOs won’t allow them or their kids to see a physician until it is too late to do much to help them. All these things happen day in, day out and the same whites that will spend all afternoon coming up with cute remarks to make about Barry Bonds’ lack of a moral code ride around with facist yellow ribbons on their cars and trucks. Right underneath the “W” or “Kerry/Edwards” sticker. They worship those killers while taking a stand on Barry and his behavior in the clubhouse. You people aren’t hypocrites. You all are psychopaths.

If there was a God (which there isn’t) I wish she’d transform this country into something with humanity.

Worthy and Unworthy Victims: The Psychology of ‘Western’ Disaster Response

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The cyclone that hit Burma and now the earthquake that hit China both remind me of another one of those weird global rules. If you pay attention to all disasters, you’ll notice that there are grades of victims. Without a doubt, one can perceive the difference in coverage and therefore treatment of white Floridians whenever a hurricane hits the coast. That’s easy to see. And, considering the history and contemporary manifestation of white supremacy in the United States one would expect there to be significant differences in how white victims and black victims inside the US are covered by US corporate media. More interesting to me is how non-US victims of a disaster are covered and subsequently treated as opposed to black US victims of disasters. And before I go any further, I should make it clear that I understand that the US gov’t doesn’t really significantly contribute to any disaster fund. It’s mostly rhetorical blather. I know. But rhetoric repeated on 24 ‘news’ services has psychological and therefore eventual material effects that can and often do determine life and death for vulnerable economically and socially vulnerable people. But about the non-US vs US black victim coverage. I don’t believe the US gov’t cares at all about the Burmese people. But this tragedy provides an opportunity for them to get in psychological propaganda shots at a gov’t, the Burmese gov’t, that isn’t being as obedient to the US gov’t as they’d like for it to be. Therefore, the people of Burma are presented as in the most dire straits and in need of vital aid, which the Burma gov’t is denying them by keeping out US planes full of food (and let’s face it, who knows what else is on the planes) and supplies. By contrast, because the US gov’t has the US Black population in such a subjugated position and has so little to gain by exposing the plight of threatened US Black populations, they get no press. And none of this even begins to address what is and what is not a disaster. 50%+ unemployment and ridiculously high murder rates are the norm in many Black communities. While these circumstances would merit all order of emergency intervention, aid and supplies if the communities were white this status of a Black community is, by white supremacist definition, not an emergency at all.

What does this mean on the ground for regular folks who ‘want to help’ people? The racial situation inside the US is dire. It is understood to always be the elephant in the room. Even by whites, although white folks, with historic consistency, underestimate the size of the elephant and overestimate the volume of the room. Guilt with white liberals and angst ridden backlash with white conservatives and many liberals are just a small part of the white psychological cost of multigenerational denial and ignoring of the US’ problems. Here Burma and, to a lesser extent, China serve a function very valuable to the American empire. Whites, on several psychological levels, understanding that they unjustly enjoy the good life, savor these opportunities to reach out and help melanin endowed people in a tight spot. This is where white volunteerism and charity best fulfill their 21st century imperial role. They provide a psychological salve to whites in the US and Europe that understand that they are the beneficiaries of global rule by force by allowing them to ‘do good works’ in a situation that they can almost justifiably feel they had nothing to do with. I emphasize almost because of most black, brown, yellow and red people around the world weren’t still resisting or trying to recover from the economic and cultural dislocation of hundreds of years of white colonial rule they would be better able to fend for themselves in the face of natural disasters. Another post, though.

The most intense media focus on ‘international’ disasters work to raise the profile of these tragedies to a point where they are immediately identifiable by anyone not residing under a rock. Then the charity framework is deployed as a psychological weapon against whites, allowing them to discharge their guilt and angst into international assistance endeavors that contribute significantly to them not dealing with the man-made domestic catastrophes in US urban centers. Catastrophes that these same whites played a good part in creating. If not for the psychological displacement effect of these international efforts, whites might be more prepared to understand and admit to the destruction they continue to be a part of not thousands of miles but merely thousands of feet from their very homes. It is understood that the framework of international aid and charity serve a vital material as well as psychological function in hamstringing domestic resistance and thus maintaining the US’ imperial stranglehold on so much of the world.

The suffering of Burmese and Chinese people is, of course, horribly real. If only they could see a true international community response as opposed to the political dog and pony show the US and Europe engage in whenever misfortune strikes a vulnerable population of a developing nation. And if only US whites could break out of the mental gridlock of guilt and angsty backlash and both embrace whate remains of as well as rebuild their humanity, we might all be able to look forward to brighter days.

Patriots Have Been Cheating Throughout Entire ‘Dynasty’

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So it comes out today, that not only has the 2007 NFL Coach of the Year cheated his way through the 2007 season but through every season since 2000. And he isn’t alone. In the strictest definition of the word it was a c-o-n-spiracy. The Pats organization knew the rules. They knew Belichick was breaking them. And they kept it quiet to allow him to continue doing so. I wonder what folks would be saying about the Colts Super Bowl rings if it came out that Tony Dungy had been cheating the season and perhaps game in which they won it? I wonder how it would play if any black coach was determined to have been cheating while winning top honors. I think he/she would be disciplined, shamed and ordered to give back the awards. Like Marion Jones. The Pats aren’t Super Bowl champs.

The New England Patriots are Super Cheaters. And Bill Belichick is the Head Super Cheater in charge. I love the way that sports commentators and white sports fans treat white crime with kid gloves. No talk of suspending Belichick from the game, something that clearly should happen immediately. No talk of putting asterisks besides the Patriots for the past 7 seasons. No talk of making them give back the Super Bowl rings and declaring their wins invalid. No serious talk of any of this. But let a guy like Barry Bonds break a record and there be–and this isn’t figurative but literal–NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING, ONLY SPECULATION and you get every kind of discrediting comment and idea one can think of for both Bonds and his achievements.

This is called racially selective treatment and it is the way things work in the US. Sports is the arena where it is most visible but this is how things work in all US institutions. From revisionist history of the white slaveholders that established our original apartheid govt (the Founders) to Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots celebrated for establishing a dynasty while cheating the whole time. This story is more complex than this for sure but as a black weblog, I’m making a few select points because the whitosphere surely won’t bring em up. We’ve gotta do better people.

Kick Belichick outta the league and make the Pats give back their rings. Will that serve as a deterrent? Of course not. The US is a cheating culture through and through. But it’s the right thing to do.

Condi Rice: Liar Extraordinaire

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To be named liar extraordinare is no small award if you exist in this time and have a job in the US government. Condoleeza Rice passes the test. Faceoff between her and Congressman Wexler from Florida. It’s not as nasty as some are claiming it is. I think it’s more a case of us Americans are used to not having any kind of confrontation or accountability whatsoever. Whenever we get even a whiff of almost, it seems like a big deal. Anyhow, here’s the clip. Is she the biggest liar in the administration? No. But she might be the best liar. Unlike the others who lie then allow you to point out the lie, Rice lies and just keeps lying, keeps talking. Doesn’t allow you to repeatedly point out her lies. She knows she’s lying. We all know she’s lying but she’s smart enough to not allow the Congressman to repeatedly point out where it is that she’s lying, thus she comes out not looking so bad. And there you go.

These people are so good at this that you begin to wonder if they actually believe what they are saying. Okay, they aren’t that good. It’s amusing to watch nonetheless.

Mainstream Press Continues Censorship of Ron Paul

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The New York Times is currently paying, from a front page link, a  drooling tribute to candidate Paul entitled, The Good Doctor.  The Times and the rest of the corporate press always play the public.  It has not deviated in this case.  Ron Paul supporters claim that his candidacy is ignored by the media.  And they are right that is isn’t given nearly the level or character of attention the Clinton/Obama campaigns receive.  But it isn’t ignored either, as we see by the glowing NYTimes write up.

Ron Paul, of course, hasn’t been getting the kind of endorsement from the press that Clinton, Obama, Guiliani, Romney or Edwards have gotten but this makes perfect sense if you understand the system.  The corporate press, ABCNNBCBS and FOX exist as organizing tools.  They organize thought.  They are currently in the middle of a huge organizing campaign.  They are organizing the country electorally around Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama.  This  is obvious because the same people that support and own the corporate press are the same people support and own Clinton and Obama. They have organized public thought around those two candidates, as is the press’ purpose.  The goal of the press is to psychologically orient the electorate around Clinton/Obama.  The relationship between these Clinton/Obama and the press is pre-arranged and controlled.  The relationship between Ron Paul and the press is pre-arranged and controlled as well.  And like the Clinton/Obama arrangement it to is to orient the electorate around Paul.  But in his case only a specific sector of the electorate.  And in the case of Ron Paul’s campaign, the corporate press’ organizing effort is not for the ’08 election but future cycles.

This censorship, this fake censorship of Ron Paul’s campaign, is a key organizing tool for building the Ron Paul ‘movement‘.  A well-balanced charade between scant coverage and then reluctant praise.  The purpose of the media’s Pavlovian manipulation is to make the white guys that are the Ron Paul supporters, continue to feel like outsiders to the electoral process and consequently energize them into rebellion to the system trying to suppress their effort.  The media is creating Ron Paul activists.  The routine of scant coverage and then reluctant praise gives Paul continued credibility as an outsider with his marks, white males.  These white males are unfamiliar with the role of outsider.  The elite are using reverse psychology white privilege to run Ron Paul’s presidential campaign.

Reverse Psychology White Privilege: How It Is Working 

White guys are used to being the main attraction.  They would never say that, because it is a condition, being the main attraction I mean, that is normal.  It’s not an event.  It’s part of the fabric of their normal life.  Thus it is invisible.  Therefore when white males (specifically middle class white males) in this country aren’t the main attraction or feel shunned, and thus normal life is upended, it becomes painfully obvious to them.  Unlike when they were the main attraction, which was an invisible condition.   As many groups throughout the history of this country have, and to this day continue to, worked as veritable outsiders to the establishment towards various struggles,  white guys see themselves as an oppressed minority when perceived to be shunned.

Ron Paul isn’t receiving big bucks from the board of Exxon-Mobil but he is receiving money by the bucket from angry corporate white guys working in corporate cubicles across this country.  For to be white in this country is largely to be corporate.  Corporations are the mainstream.  Being white is normal, is mainstream in this country.  White and corporate psychology are to a large degree synonyms.  This may seem like a stretch to some.  It will read as ludicrous to the white guys who love Ron Paul that will inevitably gravitate to this from this or that Ron Paul forum link or search engine return.  But the white mentality in this country is by and large, the same as the corporate mentality in this country.  And this makes sense being that the corporate world is disproportionately white.  And of course.  This makes all the difference in how a movement forms, what its political candidates look like and how well the movement is funded.  So while Ron Paul may seem anti-corporate and anti-imperialism he isn’t.

Tomorrow I will look at how Ron Paul has fooled his movement and how they, in turn, endeavor to fool others as to what Paul actually represents.  More importantly, I will also examine the larger purpose of the establishment organized Ron Paul movement.

Predatory Lending Fallout Is Color-Biased As Well

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Last week, with a whole lot of fanfare, Stan O’Neal, the CEO over at Merrill Lynch was forced out for the lying he did about the company’s bottom line in the wake of their predatory lending blowback. It looked like this:

  • London’s Financial Times was as if not more concerned with black CEO, Stan O’Neal’s golden parachute as they were about Merrill Lynch’s bottom line punishment for its role in the creation of this global predatory lending scheme.

O’Neal Could Leave Merrill With 100 Million – October 30th
Merrill’s Departing Chief to Get 160 Million – October 30th
O’Neal Lands With 160 Million Parachute – October 31st
Stan O’Neal’s PayDay – October 31st
O’Neal Pays A Price – November 3rd

Those stories were ONLY the Financial Times. No other papers. And these weren’t all the stories the FT ran, just what I grabbed off the first page of a Financial Times search. The first page of more than 15 pages of returns.

  • MSNBC got in on the act as well with this headline (replete with headshots, of course), Ex-Merrill Lynch CEO To Walk Out With 161.5m. The white press is fixated on this black man getting the kind of golden parachute we all know white CEOs customarily receive after driving publicly held corporations into deep losses.

And to be sure that this isn’t just in your head, USA Today, the brightly colored fishwrapper for Amurkans with ADHD, does away with subtlety and discusses up front what the others do subliminally.

  • USA Today’s lecture is topped with the headline, Merrill Lynch Turmoil Won’t Hold Other Blacks Back. At once reassuring whites concerned with the plight of the black elite (right…) while also giving more subtle notification to the Sports page rabble (USA Today’s prime readership) that while some blacks are, of course, still stealing money via welfare payments, other blacks are getting winning lottery tickets for not doing their jobs. I wonder if USA Today will follow, in the coming days, with an article devoted to assuring us that whites will still be given a chance (and not held back) after yesterday’s resignation of Charles Prince of Citigroup for doing more dirt than O’Neal did over at Merrill.

Somehow I doubt it.

In fact, none of the papers seem interested in Mr. Prince’s golden parachute. Maybe he isn’t getting one. Hehe… Of course he IS getting one. But the same press that spent so much ink and so many bytes with the details of O’Neal’s parachute hasn’t the time and resources to get into such intimate detail with the Prince story.

This is how subtly race-based mass psychological manipulation happens. Its not a grand conspiracy. It’s simply a product of other past manipulations that total up to a way of thinking for those in the positions of informational control and power, the highest levels of the press. Disproportionately white, they bring their racial biases unto the job, into the newsroom and proceed to mindfuck their millions of readers. And this event will be just one more thing to throw on top of the pile of psycho-racial BS that will help set the white psychology for the next event. Basement conference room with ig round table and smoke? Not necessary.

Not that there isn’t scheming and conspiring happening on the grand scale. That’s what the Council on Foreign Relations, PNAC and [insert deity] only knows how many ‘think tanks’ devoted to conjuring up new and inventive ways for the rich to maintain and extend control and power, are for.  But this kind of media/psychological event often happens on its own. While it can be demonstrated somewhat objectively that it happens. Especially when you have something of controlled experiment conditions like this case with the firing of two high-level CEOs for the same reasons almost simultaneously, getting folks to admit that this kind of thing affects their thinking is another task altogether. And I have neither the capacity, resources and definitely not the patience for that endeavor. As the weeks roll on and the sub-prime heads continue to roll, I predict that none will roll so spectacularly and with as much detail as did Stan O’Neal’s.

And I’d love to be wrong, because that would mean the press was highlighting the obscene nature of golden parachutes for all CEOs. Something that might help rein in the number one threat to the future of the human species, corporatism.

I won’t be holding my breath on that one.

Martina Hingis, Former #1 Ranked Tennis Star Gets Caught Using Cocaine. Retires!

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Hingis Tests Positive For That White Lady – No, Not Hillary

And the sporting world is trying to ignore it. As they do almost everytime a serious white star/public figure/celeb is caught coked up. Or using some kind of performance enhancing drug. But ask Barry Bonds, if you are black you need not pull a Martina Hingis and test positive for drugs to be front page news all week long. We could do thought experiments all day long as to what this would look like if Venus or Serena had tested positive for cocaine. But anyone who’s honest knows the rap so I won’t go too far into it for now. Back to Hingis.

She is denying it. Of course. But her urine sample as well as the backup both have tested positive. Her PR firm suggested she do a private test (what the fuck is that when it comes to drug exams?????) and of course Hingis’ own private test has come back negative for coke. What a surprise. I wonder why her own test is negative and both the primary and backup official screenings are both positive for coke? The official tests must have been done by some European socialist government. Never trust the government to do what can be done in private.

Hingis has proved it right here.

Anyway. It will be interesting to watch this play out in the press. Sorry, but I just can’t help but imagine the 3-ring media circus we would be getting right now if one of the Williams sisters had tested positive for cocaine. Then immediately retired while denying the charges and taking ‘private‘ tests that came back negative. The press would march Serena’s ass up the hill to Calvary for the most public crucifixion ever. It’s 6:45pm Eastern time and the paper of record has the story listed in 12 point font at the sixth slot down in the inconspicuous ‘More News’ section.

Unless you have one of those $3500 36 inch LCDs it is definitely ‘beneath the fold’. Hingis is not Amurkan so I am taking that into consideration regarding the underexposure of her cocaine bust story. But for this to be such a non-story can’t only be attributed to her nationality when one also considers how high a profile player she has been and is was. She’s been ranked #1 in women’s tennis at least four separate times. She has ‘retired’ while in the top 20 in the game.

The big question on everyone’s mind is this:

Will her cocaine bust reflect negatively on Andy Roddick? What the fuck am I talking about? The question makes no sense but one must understand that when you’re not white, these are the kinds of questions you must be prepared to deal with. In the world of being white, what one white person gets caught doing has no bearing on the moral character of other whites. As it should be. Problem is that if you’re not in the right club, the white club, you are subject to a different rulebook.

As the world turns…

US Body Armor Boss Loots Company

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Body Armor Boss

This is pretty crazy. He blows the company on a 10 million dollar bat mitzvah, face lifts for his wife and other candy. Let a brotha get caught doing some shiz like this and you’ll quite literally not be able to escape news reports of it and it will stand as yet another statement on the race generally. When it happens, otherwise, its relegated to the back pages as an isolated incident that got its .5 seconds of fame.


NYTimes Covers Police Brutality….If It Occurs 4000 Miles Away

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Russians Take On Police

Russian Organizer Beaten

To find stories of police brutality worthy of front page coverage in the US, the Times must travel to Europe. Indicating an apparent lack of worthy stories stateside. Or perhaps it is a lack of worthy victims. The Russian campaign combating military police repression is something to be supported for sure. As is resistance to military police repression worldwide. The interesting thing here is how the Times and other so-called liberal pubs consistently look abroad to fulfill their liberal credential requirements while the poor and people of color in the US labor under worse repressive conditions in New York, Chicago, D.C. and Atlanta.

What’s wrong with our stories? Are the Russian state forces that much more uncivilized? Somehow I doubt it.

Microsoft Grudgingly Assumes Expanded Big Brother Role

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Health Vault MS

“The value of what we’re doing will go up rapidly as we get more partners,” said Peter Neupert, the vice president in charge of Microsoft’s health group.

New York Times October 4th, 2007

Ehh..? And I thought they made operating systems and mp3 players! Microsoft’s ‘health group’? The NYTimes reports this unblinkingly, of course. Microsoft, software company and giant collator of private information is using that synergy to expand its Big Brother operations as a ‘health group’. Am I the only one that is bothered by this kind of thing? Microsoft says that it is,

starting its long-anticipated drive into the consumer health care market by offering free personal health records on the Web

I’m unimpressed. No–I’m sick, actually. Sick because no one is going to care about this just like no one, at least yet, seems to care that the venture capital for the social networking scheme, Facebook, was put up by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Maybe I’m overreacting. It wouldn’t be the first time. Maybe this new MS venture will be, as they say, ‘really cool’!!! Next Microsoft’s ‘health group’ will link up to your Kroger Plus card so that your health insurer can instantly adjust your rates when you purchase a pack of squares or a box of Twinkies.

I’m no Luddite, but this is truly bizarre. Business Week fawns over MS’s plan and details how it might make a billion bucks a year off this newest Big Brother subsidiary. MS is calling it Health Vault and of course claims that it will be secure. And if you believe that I can sell you Dick Cheney’s waistline. Nothing is secure. And your health records won’t be either. But that isn’t my biggest concern. Why the f/k do we even need this? Oh, yeah. Efficiency. We have almost 50 million folks with absolutely no health insurance whatsoever and the US with all of its magical private market has no answer but to continue creating more uninsured people. The magical market does however have a great plan to sell those of you that still have insurance, for now, yet another service to make your life more convenient.

So what if it adds to the surveillance state. Won’t it be worth it to not have to fill out that stupid clipboard for the umpteenth time when you go visit the clinic?

Facebook and the CIA: A Match Made In Langley

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For many of you out there that use Facebook this will probably be a major buzzkill.

For many of you, it won’t matter or affect how you use Facebook.

But for some, you’ll care, change your behavior in Facebook or dump the service altogether.

Facebook and the CIA: A Match Made In Langley

After watching this it is tempting to pretend it doesn’t matter. And most will I guess because historically that’s how police states develop.

Very slowly and with most folks thinking any single incident by itself isn’t that important.

With people being too naive to think anything bad could happen or too arrogant to admit that something not kosher is already in the works. Fortunately, you don’t have to believe that video because everything in it is currently easily researchable. I know that history informs us that although its easily researchable most people still won’t

  1. believe the information or
  2. in the case that they don’t believe it, attempt to verify it for themselves.

Even still, here is the website link to the CIA’s venture capital firm In-Q-Tel. Forget the stuff we don’t know, this website, its presence and purpose is right out there for all to see.

Today, more than ever, the Intelligence Community needs the newest and most powerful technologies for safeguarding national security, at home and around the world.

In-Q-Tel was established in 1999 as an independent, private, not-for-profit company to help the CIA and the greater US Intelligence Community (IC) to identify, acquire, and deploy cutting-edge technologies. (Facebook!)

In-Q-Tel’s mission is to deliver leading-edge capabilities to the CIA and the IC by investing in the development of promising technologies.

As the video presentation illustrates, Facebook’s money (and thus control) has flowed downward from the CIA through a series of connections just distant enough to give it deniability plausible enough for a population conditioned to scoff at or ignore anything not vetted by the officialdom of ABCNNBCBS and FOX. Facebook is Big Brother 2.0

What Now?

So what to do? The easy thing is to just delete your account. Well, actually, the easy thing in the short run is to just go back to sleep and pretend Big Brother isn’t watching. Outside of doing that, the easy thing to do is delete your account. However, if you believe this is actually a problem. That data collection and collation of this scale, the gov’t in league with private industry to watch your every online move and to provide the information to assist tracking in the real world, if you think this actually matters, just turning it off individually isn’t going to do it.

We need to post this video and spread this information to others. The best way to communicate with people being spied on via Facebook is inside Facebook. Keep your account. But instead of loading it up with your phone number, address, cc information and other things you might rather keep to yourself, use your account to spread the message of what is happening with information on the Facebook network. Post the video above on to your Facebook page. Put the link on your ‘wall’. Don’t berate people by messaging them. They will see the video and/or the link and they can make up their own minds about whether or not or probably more apt, how easy they want to make it for Big Brother to track them.

Good luck.

Ruling Class Internecine Battles ‘Puzzling’ To The NYTimes

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A New Yorker’s Puzzling Death

Carol Anne Gotbaum

Daughter of NYCs public advocate arrested in a Phoenix airport for being too loud?
Taken into police custody?
Found dead 20 minutes later?

Can you say ‘political hit’?


Daniel Ellsberg Thinks A Coup Just Occurred

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Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Paper fame (or notoriety, depending on where you find yourself perched on the spectrum of political ideology) has written an essay that has been getting some circulation amongst white antiwar, anti-imperialist and white progressives generally. His main thesis is that a coup has occurred and that an impending attack on Iran must be averted, the implication being that it can be averted.

First, the coup.

Let me simplify this and not just to be rhetorical: A coup has occurred. I woke up the other day realizing, coming out of sleep, that a coup has occurred. It’s not just a question that a coup lies ahead with the next 9/11. That’s the next coup, that completes the first.

Although I agree with Ellsberg that the USA has come completely unhinged, I am skeptical whenever I run across ‘coup’ talk these days. So often the users of such language have imagined a the takeover of a different USA than I ever knew to exist in the first place. Ellsberg signals that I should be suspicious of him and his thinking by right of the bat tossing highly patriotic if not jingoistic rhetoric into his analysis. On the heels of explaining his early morning coup revelation, he writes,

The last five years have seen a steady assault on every fundamental of our Constitution, … what the rest of the world looked at for the last 200 years as a model and experiment to the rest of the world – in checks and balances, limited government, Bill of Rights, individual rights protected from majority infringement by the Congress, an independent judiciary, the possibility of impeachment.

After consuming that weird morsel, some of you that have been engaged with obscure US history will probably not be interested in reading the rest of Ellsberg’s essay. Perhaps Ellsberg and other ‘patriots’ have looked at the US as a model for the last 200 years. Rest assured that the inhabitants, past and present, of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Colombia, Cuba, Haiti, the South Africans struggling designated as terrorists for their struggle against apartheid, the hundreds of thousands of nuked civilians of Japan, not to even mention those enslaved and their continually oppressed descendants living within the US, the same US that Ellsberg says has served as a model for 200 years. It’s important to note the crucial disconnect from reality that Daniel Ellsberg labors under to best understand the ideological foundation on which his analysis rests.

Ellsberg makes concessions in an attempt to tether his buoyant proclamation to the ground,

There have been violations of these principles by many presidents before. Most of the specific things that Bush has done in the way of illegal surveillance and other matters were done under my boss Lyndon Johnson in the Vietnam War: the use of CIA, FBI, NSA against Americans.

I could go through a list going back before this century to Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus in the Civil War, and before that the Alien and Sedition Acts in the 18th century. I think that none of those presidents were in fact what I would call quite precisely the current administration: domestic enemies of the Constitution.

I won’t go through the very short list I compiled before to illustrate (again) just how shocking Ellsberg’s reading of history is. If you ever wondered how Daniel Ellsberg felt physical enslavement of and genocide of a large sector of the population stack up against phone tapping, now you know. Is Ellsberg simply a sloppy writer or do his wild proclamations give the reader a snapshot of his psyche? A glimpse into the mind of white dissent within the US. Its sophomoric naivety, clumsiness, ignorance, offensiveness and thus its severe limitations.

And to be certain for those of you not in the know, Daniel Ellsberg isn’t some self-righteous loner spouting off. He has a significant following amongst Left oriented whites within the US. He’s seen as someone solidly anti-establishment and very pro rule of law. Someone to be listened to, to be discussed. Someone who’s suggestions and analysis carries weight with many of those popularly seen as the Left inside the US.

Although sloppy, rife with analytical contradictions and at times insulting to the readers sensibilities, the article is worth reading simply because it does a splendid job of highlighting what belonging to the hegemonic ethnic group in the US can do to one’s ability to tell up from down, left from right, in from out. I submit that no black public intellectual embraced by the regular people, as Ellsberg is embraced by whites, would declare the things for which Ellsberg finds himself well received among his constituency of readers.

Ellsberg goes on to discuss the need to avert an attack on Iran, something with which I agree in principle, although the sabre rattling is likely posturing to take antiwar heat and pressure away from ending the moneymaking slaughter happening in Iraq. He ends encouraging us to fight to avert ‘insane’ disaster in Iran with an appeal that harks back to the naivety if not craziness with which he began his discussion, ‘Restoring the Republic’,

I am shocked by the Republicans today that I read in the Washington Post who yesterday threatened a filibuster if we … get back habeas corpus. The ruling out of habeas corpus with the help of the Democrats did not get us back to George the First it got us back to before King John 700 years ago in terms of counter-revolution.

We need some way, and Ann Wright has one way, of sitting in, in Conyers office and getting arrested. Ray McGovern has been getting arrested, pushed out the other day for saying the simple words “swear him in” when it came to testimony.

I think we’ve got to somehow get home to them [in Congress] that this is the time for them to uphold the oath, to preserve the Constitution, which is worth struggling for in part because it’s only with the power that the Constitution gives Congress responding to the public, only with that can we protect the world from mad men in power in the White House who intend an attack on Iran.

I am not shocked. I am not shocked that the Republicans threaten a filibuster to legislation bringing back habeas corpus. The Democrats worked with them to get rid of it, they will work with the Democrats in creating a show of democracy but keeping habeas banished. The establishment works together. Shocking. I also am not shocked that it shocks Ellsberg. He, and those that listen to his version of reality are speaking, writing and blogging from a parallel dimension. A dimension in which the Bush administration is the epitome of evil, in which there has never been a crueler more law-breaking bunch. Ever. A dimension in which the answer lies in getting back to a system of government touted by the ‘founders’ who as Ellsberg writes, ‘had it right‘. If you’re wondering if he’s talking about the same Founders that crafted a Constitution that had to be amended later to acknowledge women and non-whites as human, he is. They ‘had it right‘ he says, and the way to end the current madness is to restore their vision. Or so Daniel Ellsberg and his hangers on would have us to think.

A coup has occurred. Ellsberg is right about that. He is only a few centuries late. This country was captured over 500 years ago and since then there has been a struggle for liberation. Today’s crimes are new but they are not different.  That is crucial for us to understand and acknowledge as we struggle for freedom and liberation and as we support the struggles of others. Rewriting history, pretending that US life just became ugly only serves to stroke the egos and sensibilities of a naive and privileged minority who, like Ellsberg, woke up the other day realizing, coming out of sleep, that a coup has occurred.  It helps build and fortify a false consciousness, something we can ill afford in these times of very real and increasing danger.



Student Asks Kerry Why He Conceded the 2004 Election. Security Respond With Tazer. Kerry Watches

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It’s too bad this happened at a Kerry event which means that self-styled liberal and progressives in the US will likely never hear about it.

University of Florida student Andrew Meyer asks Kerry three questions,

  1. Why he conceded on the day of the 2004 election amidst claims of widespread voter fraud amongst his core constituency, black voters.
  2. If he is a member of Skull & Bones and
  3. Why it is that he won’t push to impeach Bush for his laundry list of high crimes.

He does not approach Kerry. He does not use profanity. He doesn’t even talk for 5 minutes as anyone who has been to these types of things knows is usually the major offense.

For only questioning Kerry the student is tackled, dragged and tazed.

Kerry watches.

The Democrats are the enemy.  The Republicans are the enemy.  They are the same people.

Wake up.  Your freedom is an illusion.