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Mary Norwood’s Race Politics

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Mary Norwood is a white candidate for mayor of Atlanta, a city that elected the last white mayor in 1970, almost forty years ago. The one thing the election is not short on is pretense. We field negros are supposed to be pretending that race has nothing to do with any of this. With anything, in fact. Barack Obama is president of a white majority Amurka. Norwood can be mayor a Black majority ATL. See? No difference.

The New York Times reports today that Atlanta may see its first white mayor in more than a generation in Mary Norwood. The article is accompanied by many empty-headed slogans, from Black mouths of course, about it meaning nothing for a politician’s race to be Black. This is a slick move that distracts from the point of their article which is discussing a white mayor. Not meaning as much, or anything at all as some would say, that a mayor be Black is a very different thing than having a white mayor. Inductive reasoning perhaps is not required to become a Times writer. Or maybe the ability to manipulate faulty induction to build an upside down argument IS a prerequisite.

Mary Norwood Aims To Take Back Atlanta

Mary Norwood comes from Buckhead the whitest and richest white neighborhood in Atlanta. The political pundits who get their salaries paid by the advertising dollars flowing out of Buckhead won’t talk about her background much. And if you go looking for details and background info over at her Wiki page you’ll be left wanting. These are coincidences.

Anyone familiar with US politics beyond the superficial coding understands the role played by race and that there is a communication grid that operates just beneath the surface of all political talk. As a good auto mechanic would say, Norwood’s recent ad is hitting on all cylinders. As racist as this country and city are it is not your father’s racism and Norwood’s team understands it can’t win the mayor’s office yelling nigger. The operative phrases are crime, accountability and public safety. That’s nigger, 2009 style.

  • Crime is out of control = Black field negros are out of control. Of course with the implication that she will, finally, do some controlling.
  • City Hall is run poorly = Black politicians are corrupt. Duh. Of course they are. And who do they work for? The white men that graduated Emory with Norwood.
  • Everyone should be able to feel safe = White folks and house negros, it’s okay for you to come back into the city. Things are in good hands. Again. Kathryn Johnston types fiend for yourselves.

To be sure, all of the major candidates for mayor of Atlanta are business lackeys. And I don’t advocate for any of them but I do understand the particular threat posed by Mary Norwood, 1) she will give new confidence to white racism and white supremacy and 2) the increased difficulty field negros will have in protecting our civil liberties under a white mayor that does point 1.

Even Atlanta’s white progressives (whatever that means to them) are showing their true colors. The very first time a white mayor is viable in four decades, they are getting behind that campaign. Which doesn’t do much besides illustrate clearly to others what we already knew. When it comes down to it a white that calls himself liberal isn’t much different than a white that calls himself conservative. When it really comes down to it. He or she might not call me a nigger even behind closed doors but she’ll vote with the people who do.

If things keep moving in the direction we’re told they’re moving in (Norwood is supposedly the frontrunner) Black ATL will get to understand this truism up close and personal. And whites will get to turn the ATL back into Atlanta.


Republican Healthcare Disruptions Working

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CNN and the entire network of corporate news outfits are all talking about the Republican effort to disrupt the so-called healthcare town hall meetings. There is a lot not understood about this effort.

First off, this isn’t about Obama’s plan. This is all about single payer healthcare and finding ways to keep it off the table. The first strategy was to simply ignore those in favor of single payer and in left opposition to Obama’public option plan. But the single payer activists made enough noise and managed to get enough support in the House of Representatives that the ignorning tactic wasn’t going to work. Now we are looking at the second act of a plan designed to keep single payer off the menu.

The US population want’s healthcare reform. When polled, one discovers, unsurprisingly, that we also want single payer healthcare reform. Therefore the choice has to be removed from the table where it has been presented and hidden from the view of those who don’t yet know about it. To achieve this, we are seeing a tactic we should get used to: loud racist attack from the right wing, followed by tenacious defensive response from the liberals. All accompanied by around the clock TV/radio/internet coverage. All working to keep the attention of viewers/listeners/readers focused on the ‘main event’ and keeping activists feeling that there duty is to battle racist conservatives. This is the first time we’ve seen this regarding a major policy initiative since Obama was elected but not the first time this strategy has been deployed. The first instance was the 2008 presidential campaign.

Last year when Obama was backing off all the promises and positions that allowed him to gather speed and momentum as a contender he began getting significant pressure from McKinney voters and former supporters of Dennis Kucinich. When this pressure, like the single payer pressure, became too much to simply ignore, out came the racist canards from first the Clintons then the McCain campaign. The intention was the same in both cases-to decrease support for left pressure and redirect it towards defending against racist attack. This is what we are seeing now with the Republican townhall meeting disruptions CNN is so eager to cover everyday.

White liberals elected Obama because he was better than the Republican alternative. But the selected Obama over Clinton because of their racial insecurities. It is these insecurities that will be exploited to push back against left opposition for the next three and a half years of this administration. If not longer.

The US must find a way to counter this strategy or it will see nothing come of healthcare reform, the Employee Free Choice Act or any legislation we hope to affect progressively.

Paul Howard ‘Frustrated’ Georgia Jury Won’t Kill

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The 2005 Brian Nichols courthouse murders were a national story.  After refusing a guilty plea in exchange for life in prison, Fulton County prosecutor Paul Howard is angry at a few Georgians on the trial jury that refused to agree to murder Nichols.  Howard plans to use this case as a springboard from which to create legislation that allows for a death penalty without a unanimous jury.

Howard wants Georgia to be allowed to kill with only ten jurors agreeing instead of twelve.  Reducing the number of jurors needed to get the death penalty will, of course, only be the first step.  Then it will be nine jurors.  Then it will be pushed for the judge to have the power to overrule the jury and deal out unilateral death sentences.

If you only read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution you would think that this is maybe 1948, not 2008.  The statistics are clear.  Sentencing of the death penalty is racist.   Everyone knows it.  Paul Howard is not concerned with this.  Actually, he isn’t concerned with the death penalty at all, really.  He is concerned with advancing his political career.  And he knows that in the state of Georgia advancing the cause of easier death sentences for Black is his magic ticket to any political ball he might choose to attend.

The AJC write-up about the Nichols sentencing attempts to paint the ‘holdout’ jurors as intransigent liberals, describing one juror as having spent the deliberation process doing crossword puzzles.  In all my years of reading the AJC I have never heard a juror desiring the death penalty be derided as having made up his/her mind before jury selection.  The bias favoring death penalty decisions of the writer, editor and the entire paper could hardly be more obvious.  Perhaps if they did away with the article altogether and simply wrote in 30 font, KILL MORE BLACK MEN, might they get their point across more clearly.  Maybe.

If the Black community doesn’t bring balance to the Paul Howard-ruling class-fascist perspective don’t expect it at all.  And certainly don’t bother looking for it in the pages of the AJC.

Update: Again today the AJC continues to obsess over the jurors in the Nichols case that decided on life without parole instead of murder.  Perhaps this is pre-legislative session public buildup to increase chances of changing execution law next month in the Ga General Assembly.  Or it could just be the usual rallying the racist rabble type stuff that the AJC does everyday.

Iran and Nukes

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The ‘situation’ framed as Iran posing a nuclear threat makes no sense outside of the framework of global white supremacy.  With pressure being applied from Western (read: white) nations, the world looks on cynically.  Folks inside the US, for the most part seem torn on whether or not they are willing to go to war with Iran with feelings on the issue, like most issues in this country, falling roughly along racial lines.  Most whites deem a war necessary if Iran won’t give up its nuclear program while almost all non-whites, along with antiwar whites, polled are against the idea.  The underlying and unspoken premise of whether or not to go to war with Iran is the notion, the racist notion, that Iran shouldn’t be allowed to have a nuclear weapon.

The conventional rationales given for this is that Iran (or any Arab or Muslim country for that issue) can’t be trusted with nukes.  Obviously racist.  Then there is the more liberal rationale that states the need to prevent said countries’ extremists from getting a hold of the nukes.  That’s why the country shouldn’t be able to develop nukes.  The crazies might get them.  The real reason is much more straightforward than even those simplistic lies.

The white global powers, for centuries have exploited, through invasion, occupation and colonization, the Black, brown, red and yellow countries of the Earth.  Nukes are a deterrent to white military power.  This is why Iran, and no non-white country that doesn’t already have them, cannot have a nuke.  If Iraq had actually been able to develop a nuke, there never would have been a discussion about WMDs.  The white powers simply would have let Iraq into the club and talked with that country.  Because they knew Iraq didn’t have WMDs, and thus no way to hit them back, they invaded.  That is how it works, if you DON’T have WMDs you get your ass rocked and your citizens get wiped out.  If you can manage to get a nuke, you are acknowledged as a global power and are welcomed into the club.  That is why for non-white countries, the big picture of development, long term, dictates that acquiring nuclear weapon capability is as important as any other single factor.

Nuclear war would suck.  But conventional war sucks too.  Non-white leaders of countries around the world, if you don’t wanna get your asses kicked by the American and British Nazis, I suggest you start spinning those centrifuges overtime and develop some enriched uranium.  Or you’re likely to end up in a spider hole with a CNN camera shoved in your face and a M-16 up your ass.  The only thing white countries understand is force.  Get a nuke and you’re safe.  Acquiesce and they will say you have a nuke anyway and come take your oil (diamonds, natural gas, or whatever you have of value).

All the while, of course, claiming that this or that country will make the world less safe for democracy.

Racist Obama Jokes Off Limits: White Late Night Hosts Miffed

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Jimmy Kimmel says, “There’s a weird reverse racism going on. You can’t joke about him because he’s half-white. It’s silly.”  It’s silly.  The New York Times has a two page web writeup explaining the dilemma of an all-white late night comedy lineup that won’t/can’t joke about Obama lest they be charged with racism.  This theme of false racism charges is some toxic shit.

The problem, of course, is that hosts like Jimmy Kimmel and Bill Maher, they are racist.  And now they’re miffed that the limitations of liberalism won’t allow them to do what they want to do.  Even still, Maher and the New York Times slips one in as they write about how it is improper and impossible to do it on television.  Maher says, “There’s been this question about whether he’s black enough.  I have this joke: What does he have to do? Dunk?”  But then they wonder why they can’t make jokes about him.  It’s because they can’t do it without resorting to racism.  Racism is so deeply embedded in their minds and in the general public imagination that these comics, and most white citizens, can’t joke about Black people without joking that we are Black.  This seems natural to many whites and thus some kind of affront when they aren’t allowed to engage in the practice.  But imagine how tasteless their usually smiling white audiences would find it if almost every joke about GW and McCain was about how they are white.  The jokes might get a few laughs the first time but they would wear thin quickly.  This is because the white population of the US while accustomed to critiqueing the culture and character of non-whites via comedy, they are less than keen to engage or have a comic engage in the same dynamic when it comes to their white brothers and sisters.

Continuing on Kimmel’s reverse racism theme, the Times reveals that Black comedians are making Obama jokes.  But not on late night comedy since there are no Black late night comics on major shows.  The fact that they, Black comedians, are writing and saying the jokes white comics won’t or can’t is used as subtle implication that whites are the victims of discrimination.  I’m not feelin their pain…at all.

Barry Bonds and the National White Circus Called Major League Baseball

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When it comes to professional sports and race, white fans are like pre-speech toddlers attempting to deliver a lecture on physics. Dave Zirin, whom I don’t always agree with, is one of the only non-Black sportswriters in this country who has a clue.

Professional sports is the national sociological paint canvas upon which racial-psychological politics are metaphorically drawn. Being on the outs in this society, Black folks see this clearly. White folks, rarely actually having to think about race, when called to speak on it, always astonish us with their arrogance but far more often with their extreme ignorance and foolish statements.

The Bonds debacle is all about race. To understand this you have to first understand something political. So if you don’t have the patience to think about things, move along and keep being ignorant cuz you’ll never understand the Barry Bonds saga if you don’t get that this, the United States, is an empire. Like Rome and other empires before, we rule internationally with an unelected, authoritarian iron fist. Domestically, like Rome, we do a lot of jawwing about democracy. Of course the domestic population gets screwed just like the foreign black and brown and yellow people around the globe. In order to keep all of this moving, the US does what so-called democratic empires always do, it provides a circus to turn the population into spectators of spectacles while the rulers do the heavy lifting on stuff that actually matters in the real world (which is not sports). Because the US’, as Rev Wright put it, birth defect of having been born enslaving a large sector of its working class, the US’ circus of choice has always been race. Ostensibly the circus is the big pro sports. But actually, the circus is race.

The biggest pro sports in the US are football, basketball and baseball. The NFL and NBA are largely Black sports and thus tend to not be as reactionary as other sports dominated by whites because the Black population of the country is generally left wing while whites generally numerically are right wing in a political/ideological sense.

Black people dominate football and basketball overtly. Unlike the NFL and NBA, MLB is only 8% Black and thus it is the most reactionary of the big 3 major sports. Though Blacks aren’t represented much in the composition of MLB, still the most coveted mark in all of baseball is held by a Black citizen. This presents a grand opportunity for the white power structure (and regardless of whether or not you believe it is a good thing or not, no one can deny that there is a white power structure; this is an observable fact. The MLB teams and corporations that provide ad revenue are owned almost 100 percent by white males. This is a fact, not opinion)…so the white power structure takes advantage of its largely white MLB audience to use baseball as a stage to play psych games with the minds of Americans as well as to do what circuses do–distract people. In our case, distractions are designed to keep us from paying attention to politics and the rest of real life.

A quick thought experiment makes this clear. Of course, thought experiments are only as effective as the mind of the person attempting to perform the experiment. And as I mentioned before regarding whites thoughts about race, not so impressive. But anyways, imagine if Barry Bonds was instead named Dale Murphy. Nothing and I mean nothing save him being caught in a photograph–no, a video–shaking hands–no, making a bomb–with Osama Bin Laden would keep him off a team or out of the HOF. White players in the big three pro sports are just about impenetrable when they are superstars. Even Clemens, who has far more evidence against him, isn’t being handled the way that Bonds was/is handled. Bonds, who hasn’t been convicted of anything and who wasn’t even being investigated til it was simply decided that he would be. But the thought experiment. Imagine Dale Murphy had broken Hammerin Hank’s record of long balls. The steroid thing would never have come up. Anyone who is honest knows that this is true. We would be discussing building Dale Murphy skyscrapers, naming ballparks after him and sending him around the world as a diplomat for world peace or something. When white players achieve the highest heights only convictions and getting caught red-handed will get them in hot water. And as evidenced by Pete Rose, even when caught red-handed, the punishment has temporal limitations. When Black players f/k up, they’re done. They either go to prison never again to see any kind of contract or even positive publicity, or they are just erased from memory. There are more examples of this than I care to take time to cite. But just look at the behavior of a very white sports like tennis or cycling and the kid gloves deployed to respond to it.
Jenifer Capriati – was on crack but now hailed as comeback kid
Martina Hingis – also caught doing crack; gets to keep all her titles and no bad publicity circus
Lance Armstrong – lots of testimony from people close to him that he used cocaine cocktails and steroids to enhance his performance yet he still gets big endorsement deals and commentators ignore the same kind of hearsay they have virtually convicted Bonds with. Actually the Lance Armstrong hearsay they ignore is much worse than Bonds. But anyways. You get the picture, I hope.

The racial double standard in pro sports is undeniable by anyone that can put two brain cells together for a thought or two. But the Barry Bonds hearsay attack saga rolls on unabated. Meanwhile, over a million Iraqi kids are dead due to a military conflict ordered by white CEOs and their political representatives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Millions more suffer torture in US prison gulags for petty drug charges and tens of millions die slowly because white CEOs won’t allow them or their kids to see a physician until it is too late to do much to help them. All these things happen day in, day out and the same whites that will spend all afternoon coming up with cute remarks to make about Barry Bonds’ lack of a moral code ride around with facist yellow ribbons on their cars and trucks. Right underneath the “W” or “Kerry/Edwards” sticker. They worship those killers while taking a stand on Barry and his behavior in the clubhouse. You people aren’t hypocrites. You all are psychopaths.

If there was a God (which there isn’t) I wish she’d transform this country into something with humanity.

Rev. Wright Debacle Highlights White Racial Delusions

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Finally. The delusion of white Amerikkka is becoming obvious for even the most intellectually stubborn spectators, whites, to see and understand. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, one of the top rated Black preachers amongst Blacks in the US is laying bare, the repulsively deluded reality of race neutral politics as it is practiced by Obama or by anyone. The corporate press reflects and conditions white notions of reality as they pertain to race. The corporate press has villified and demonized Rev. Jeremiah Wright. In doing so, they have made a caricature of the views he extolls and represents in his speeches and sermons. Those views are the views of many if not most of Black America.

The campaign against Rev. Wright is therefore serving the same purpose, in this regard, as the Barack Obama presidential campaign. It stands to discredit the very legitimate political perspective and expression of Black people in the United States. This is not a new project. For decades, conservative and liberal forces have colluded towards the end of delegitimizing Black protest and Black oriented struggle by using slogans that Obama has decided to base his campaign on. Things like, there is only one America and as Obama specifically put it, “there is no white America, there is no black America”. Of course this is bullshit. Bullshit stated and repeated to appeal not to Blacks but whites.

Because of the legitimate struggle combined with the concessions made during the 60s by the establishment, whites can no longer en masse simply kill or torture large groups of unimprisoned Black people in this country when we make political grievances. Whites used to do just that when Black folks had the temerity to be so uppity as to protest or try to organize against the force of establishment white supremacy aligned against us. They still torture and kill those of us imprisoned. And on occassion they do the same to ‘free’ Blacks but no longer can they do it en masse as they used to. Therefore, the battle is fought on another plane. Since they cannot kill us, full spectrum informational and ideological white supremacy is deployed in the attempt to remove all legitimacy from claims firmly rooted in statistics and historical facts that aren’t disputed. The Barack Obama presidential candidacy and the Rev. Wright electronic lynching, specifically, are the latest installments of a decades long campaign that makes George Orwell look embarrassingly conservative. Not content with rewriting history but with the likes of the NYTimes, FoxNews, CNN and crazy local media across the country, this campaign doesn’t wait for history to happen but creates reality in real time.

The mass delusion currently afflicting white America encourages and craves the lies of Barack Obama and cannot accept the portrait painted by a Jeremiah Wright. Not even a Wright backed up by millions of real Blacks in this country. But that is the nature of delusion. It, and they, denies reality to the end.

Many Black folks rejected the candidacy of Barack Obama from the beginning, citing the common sense logic that he was brought unto the national stage by corporatists inside the Democratic Party and therefore would be controlled by corporatists and bound to corporate (read: white) logic. The minority of Black voices saying and writing this were hard to hear underneath the cheers of Black and guilty, liberal white voices. That was years ago. Now time has become short and the the corporate (read: white) logic of Barack Obama has come full circle and for lack of a better title, the endgame can be called Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Corporate (read: white) political logic employed by a aesthetically Black candidate can never end up anywhere but where we are now, the rejection of the reality of Black political opinion in this country. Race neutrality, colorblindness and whatever else one might call the rhetorical game that has become the politically acceptable expression of white supremacy and not surprisingly, the main pillar of the Barack Obama campaign, is a dead end for Black people. If it wasn’t obvious in the beginning of the campaign, it can’t be denied now.

I understand the hopes and dreams of the millions of Black folks with Obama dolls under their pillows. I do. But it was a raw deal from the get-go, people. And at this point, the deal has really turned. Maggots are all over it. In his acting performance of angrily denouncing Obama (and all of us) to the cheers of white people, Barack Obama, after dragging Black people all the way to the convention, is pulling off his mask. With only ever having one foot on the reservation to begin with, he has completely, and quite predictably left it. But don’t get mad. And don’t be depressed. That is what the plan was from the beginning. Take a look at a strong, Black woman that isn’t owned by the corporatists and tells all the truths Obama cannot.

We’ll never win playing the corporate game of Democrat and Republican. We must fight outside that entire paradigm. We can win. We must.