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White Supremacist Tea Parties and such…

Posted in Obama, White Supremacy with tags , , , , , on April 16, 2009 by marcg

On’s front page. No-the main story on Yahoo’s front page at the moment of this posting (8:22 am est April 16, 09) is about Barack Obama’s tax return and how much the rage it is on the web. White supremacy is, by the second now, going more and more mainstream.

I hadn’t posted on this blog for a while because there were other things going on, like getting laid off from the job and the supposedly eminent halt of public transit service here in Atlanta. There’s always lots going on politically if you care to get involved with something in Atlanta. With so much dirt being done and such a proportionally tiny response, there is always something for a troublemaker to get her/his hands into if so inclined. Recently the opposite has been happening.

Yesterday a crowd larger than any antiwar protest that has ever assembled on the streets of Atlanta, parked on the steps of the state capitol and surrounding streets to express its collective fury at the Obama administration’s class warfare on them and its rage at the theft of their tax dollars. It was a white power rally in drag. It was calling itself a tea party.

About ten thousand white folks came downtown to protest the federal deficit, their tax rate, ‘illegal’ humans, an immigrant (and thus illegal) president and out of control government spending. You’d have been hard-pressed to find anyone in this crowd interested in halting Barack Obama’s military budget, bigger than any ever put forward by either President Bush. This, so-called movement, like all white political activity related to the budget, is protest of monies going to non-whites, however those monies might reach non-white destinations. Isn’t odd how there was no tea party ‘movement’ under Bush with his ballooning budgets and deficits. There was the usual white noise whining on the AM dial but nothing materialized. With a Black man in the White House, all bets are off. But back to the tax return.

For years, there was the scandal of then Vice President, Dick Cheney, having been the CEO of one of Halliburton, a company that received billions in contracts after his election. The question arose as to how much was he making from Halliburton stock and other corporations he had ties to before assuming the office of VP.Was there ever a media-fueled effort to stoke public interest in his earnings?

Did mainstream media, the likes of Yahoo! ever link directly to his tax return as they have today with Obama? Of course not.

What will these hordes of whites the media ignores the racial aspect of in calling it a popular movement, do next? More importantly, what are progressive forces going to do?

The age of Obama becomes more interesting (and scary) everyday.