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The Word That Cannot Be Spoken (in white company)

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Since the candidacy of now US president, Barack Obama, there has been a reinvigorated US discussion on race. This conversation happens in all kinds of ways. Today’s New York Times has op-ed columnist Shankar Vedantam trying on the newest wig, Colorism. Vedantam cites numerous examples of how skin color prejudice. He references the prison system, hiring practices, electoral campaigns, Harry Reid’s recent exposure of having committed a rhetorical faux pas. He cites the health consequences of Mexican-American women poisoned using skin lighteners. He calls all of this colorism placing the focus on how some humans are punished for having dark skin.

Shankar Vedantam can’t use the terms white supremacy or white skin privilege although they are clearly the subjects of his article. Vedantam, a Niemen fellow at Harvard University likely knows what white supremacy and white skin privilege are. He just can’t write them. In the end, that says more to me than any of the facts or pieces of evidence in his article. We are left trying to unravel this maze of oppression and suffering inflicted on some and unearned privileges and rewards gifted to others without the linguistic benefit of being able to say what we are actually talking about: the historical advantage of humans of European descent. Gained militarily and sustained with centuries of military, economic, biological and psychological warfare.

Discussing the effects and results of centuries of racial oppression in terms that obscure the realities of the problem is not a step forward. Terms like colorism and multiculturalism operate mostly in the service of confusing the discussion and any efforts to move from discussion to action. This false conversation on race serves as a distraction and obfuscation while allowing whites and lighter-skinned elites of various ethnicity who are accepted as honorary whites, to feel as if they are working in service of progressive politics when they are really just defending white supremacy and skin privilege at a moment when rapidly shifting demographics and economic disaster has the future of the West’s global dominance in serious question.

It isn’t that no one is directly indicting the systems of white supremacy and white skin privilege. It just can’t be done within liberal institutions like the New York Times and Harvard University, white company.

Vedantam and other social and pundits present quite a challenge. To dismantle centuries long reign of white supremacy and white skin privilege without mentioning them. A plan built to fail.


CNBC to America: Meb Keflezighi Not White Enuf!

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2009 white supremacist

The new millenium white supremacist look

It’s a stunning headline: American Wins Men’s NYC Marathon For First Time Since ’82. Unfortunately, it’s not as good as it sounds. Meb Keflezighi, who won yesterday in New York, is technically American by virtue of him becoming a citizen in 1998, but the fact that he’s not American-born takes away from the magnitude of the achievement the headline implies.

Sigh…it’s a difficult thing. How to be gracious and ego-stroking enough so that white readers will hang around long enough to hear what needs to be said balanced against being able to tell the truth.

Columnist for CNBC, Darren Rovell made an interesting observation about the hoopla over the first American winner of the NY Marathon in 27 years: he’s not white enough.

Like other liberal or conservative white-thinking folks when it comes to race, he didn’t say, literally, what he meant. He graced us with proper racial coding, definitely understood by anyone with two brain cells but enough to guarantee his continued employment at a major news network in Amerikkka.

Mary Norwood’s Race Politics

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Mary Norwood is a white candidate for mayor of Atlanta, a city that elected the last white mayor in 1970, almost forty years ago. The one thing the election is not short on is pretense. We field negros are supposed to be pretending that race has nothing to do with any of this. With anything, in fact. Barack Obama is president of a white majority Amurka. Norwood can be mayor a Black majority ATL. See? No difference.

The New York Times reports today that Atlanta may see its first white mayor in more than a generation in Mary Norwood. The article is accompanied by many empty-headed slogans, from Black mouths of course, about it meaning nothing for a politician’s race to be Black. This is a slick move that distracts from the point of their article which is discussing a white mayor. Not meaning as much, or anything at all as some would say, that a mayor be Black is a very different thing than having a white mayor. Inductive reasoning perhaps is not required to become a Times writer. Or maybe the ability to manipulate faulty induction to build an upside down argument IS a prerequisite.

Mary Norwood Aims To Take Back Atlanta

Mary Norwood comes from Buckhead the whitest and richest white neighborhood in Atlanta. The political pundits who get their salaries paid by the advertising dollars flowing out of Buckhead won’t talk about her background much. And if you go looking for details and background info over at her Wiki page you’ll be left wanting. These are coincidences.

Anyone familiar with US politics beyond the superficial coding understands the role played by race and that there is a communication grid that operates just beneath the surface of all political talk. As a good auto mechanic would say, Norwood’s recent ad is hitting on all cylinders. As racist as this country and city are it is not your father’s racism and Norwood’s team understands it can’t win the mayor’s office yelling nigger. The operative phrases are crime, accountability and public safety. That’s nigger, 2009 style.

  • Crime is out of control = Black field negros are out of control. Of course with the implication that she will, finally, do some controlling.
  • City Hall is run poorly = Black politicians are corrupt. Duh. Of course they are. And who do they work for? The white men that graduated Emory with Norwood.
  • Everyone should be able to feel safe = White folks and house negros, it’s okay for you to come back into the city. Things are in good hands. Again. Kathryn Johnston types fiend for yourselves.

To be sure, all of the major candidates for mayor of Atlanta are business lackeys. And I don’t advocate for any of them but I do understand the particular threat posed by Mary Norwood, 1) she will give new confidence to white racism and white supremacy and 2) the increased difficulty field negros will have in protecting our civil liberties under a white mayor that does point 1.

Even Atlanta’s white progressives (whatever that means to them) are showing their true colors. The very first time a white mayor is viable in four decades, they are getting behind that campaign. Which doesn’t do much besides illustrate clearly to others what we already knew. When it comes down to it a white that calls himself liberal isn’t much different than a white that calls himself conservative. When it really comes down to it. He or she might not call me a nigger even behind closed doors but she’ll vote with the people who do.

If things keep moving in the direction we’re told they’re moving in (Norwood is supposedly the frontrunner) Black ATL will get to understand this truism up close and personal. And whites will get to turn the ATL back into Atlanta.

Rush Limbaugh’s NFL Gambit; What’s Really Going On?

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rush-kkkThere has been a lot of ink, most of it male and liberal and white, about Rush Limbaugh’s failed attempt at becoming a National Football League franchise owner. Though I agree with many of the commentaries and critiques I think they are missing the point in all of this. Like this piece by Dave Zirin breaking down what he calls Limbaugh’s ‘defeat’ at the hands of Limbaugh’s “compadres on the right”. True, but I smell a rat. While I don’t agree with Limbaugh and the point of view he advocates, it doesn’t sound as if he is an unintelligent man. Despicable? Yes. But he’s not stupid. He had to know this NFL franchise ownership thing wouldn’t go. He didn’t actually lose any money in this scheme and his ratings will go up at least temporarily from it for sure. So what is really going on here?

Rush Limbaugh knew this deal would fall through, as it has. And this scheme fits right in perfectly with the way the ruling class handles the right wing populace of the United States. Constant victimization by liberals/nonwhites/feminists, you get the picture. Limbaugh knew this would be shot down and then he would turn around and… Well, he doesn’t have to actually say anything much. The right wing impulse to search for an angle of victimization runs deep enough that the script already runs inside their heads. This kind of stirring up of the right wing base is what the endless so-called fight to end abortion is all about, the ten commandments in public buildings and things like that. Fights that will last forever and keep alive the idea of being oppressed and victimized by various groups even as the right wing consolidates more and more national and international power. Forever a victim.

I see this as a particularly dangerous moment. Perhaps not but it does seem to signal a shift in the scale of gimmicks and tactics employed by the right wing in stirring up their people. Sports is a very large stage for sociopolitical messaging. And the NFL is the largest of the Big 3 pro sports messaging vehicles. I guess we will see how this continues to unfold but it doesn’t add up to me that this was a misstep by Limbaugh, that he didn’t predict the pushback and striking down of this effort. These things were certainties.

White supremacy, always the prime political mover in this country, has been on the upswing in the United States since the candidacy of Barack Hussein Obama gained momentum. It continues to arc upwards and this Limbaugh stunt just appears to be another episode in what may turn out to be a particularly sordid, and maybe violent, chapter in this country’s white supremacist history.

Kennesaw State University and Corra Harris

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Corra Harris was a white supremacist. Read her 1899 letter to the editor of the Independent defending the lynching of Sam Hose and, if nothing else, that is clear. But it isn’t 1899. It’s 2009 and we all know that the Earth rotates around the sun and viruses are real (we can see them under microscopes). But still in 2009 whites don’t think, still don’t think, that the white terrorism and attempted genocide of Black southerners is a big deal. Those who do think what happened was and still is a big deal are called ‘racists’, ‘politically correct’ and other slanders in what should be termed the new 21st century vernacular of white supremacists. This is the terrain upon which the battle over the memory of Corra Harris is being waged.

The story goes that this started when Kennesaw State University was approached and offered this land in 2008 by DeKalb County businessman Jodie Hill. But that story doesn’t really make much sense. Remember, 2008 was the year of the real estate and mortgage industry meltdown. Thus starting with the offer by Hill to KSU is prolly more than a little bit dishonest. It’s difficult to know the real deal because KSU isn’t fessin up on all it knows and what it knows is likely just half the story. There are serious questions that haven’t been answered. And some haven’t even been asked.

  • Hill is attempting to liquidate this asset now-why?
  • Hill is being credited for a three million dollar donation to KSU. How much could Hill have gotten in the private sector for this undeveloped 56 acres in the middle of the subprime meltdown? Three million? Haha.
  • Were all professional and familial conflicts of interest between KSU and Hill disclosed before the deal was done?
  • Does the contract between Hill and KSU stipulate that the Cora Harris landmarks must be maintained by KSU?
  • Is it ethical for an institution serving Black and white students to maintain a memorial for a Jim Crow white supremacist?

These are a few questions that need to have a public forum. And not the public forum administered, faciliated and controlled by the KSU president but a forum with the KSU administration, faculty, staff, students as well as community-at-large present and controlled democratically. A democratic forum would be controlled and faciliated democratically, meaning by students, staff and community members primarily, with administration and faculty playing a minor role in line with their representation.

This hasn’t happened and that is part of the reason key questions haven’t been asked or answered. None of this even begins to deal with the moral and political problems raised by this situation. Problems and issues like this need to be dealt with in order for this land deal to be understood properly but it’s also larger than this piece of land. Whites tend to refer to problems in this realm as ‘racial’ problems. But this doesn’t accurately describe what we’re dealing with. The problem is white supremacy. When we don’t understand or acknowledge that our chances of moving forward narrow considerably.

As we prepare for the opening of the 09-10 academic year, we shouldn’t hope for genuine participatory dialog with all the aforementioned constituencies. It can happen but unfortunately hope won’t do it. We have to organize it. Then and only then will we see real questions asked, real answers provided and finally some light shed on actual machinations of this racist land deal.

White Supremacist Tea Parties and such…

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On’s front page. No-the main story on Yahoo’s front page at the moment of this posting (8:22 am est April 16, 09) is about Barack Obama’s tax return and how much the rage it is on the web. White supremacy is, by the second now, going more and more mainstream.

I hadn’t posted on this blog for a while because there were other things going on, like getting laid off from the job and the supposedly eminent halt of public transit service here in Atlanta. There’s always lots going on politically if you care to get involved with something in Atlanta. With so much dirt being done and such a proportionally tiny response, there is always something for a troublemaker to get her/his hands into if so inclined. Recently the opposite has been happening.

Yesterday a crowd larger than any antiwar protest that has ever assembled on the streets of Atlanta, parked on the steps of the state capitol and surrounding streets to express its collective fury at the Obama administration’s class warfare on them and its rage at the theft of their tax dollars. It was a white power rally in drag. It was calling itself a tea party.

About ten thousand white folks came downtown to protest the federal deficit, their tax rate, ‘illegal’ humans, an immigrant (and thus illegal) president and out of control government spending. You’d have been hard-pressed to find anyone in this crowd interested in halting Barack Obama’s military budget, bigger than any ever put forward by either President Bush. This, so-called movement, like all white political activity related to the budget, is protest of monies going to non-whites, however those monies might reach non-white destinations. Isn’t odd how there was no tea party ‘movement’ under Bush with his ballooning budgets and deficits. There was the usual white noise whining on the AM dial but nothing materialized. With a Black man in the White House, all bets are off. But back to the tax return.

For years, there was the scandal of then Vice President, Dick Cheney, having been the CEO of one of Halliburton, a company that received billions in contracts after his election. The question arose as to how much was he making from Halliburton stock and other corporations he had ties to before assuming the office of VP.Was there ever a media-fueled effort to stoke public interest in his earnings?

Did mainstream media, the likes of Yahoo! ever link directly to his tax return as they have today with Obama? Of course not.

What will these hordes of whites the media ignores the racial aspect of in calling it a popular movement, do next? More importantly, what are progressive forces going to do?

The age of Obama becomes more interesting (and scary) everyday.

Tim Wise On White Privilege

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It was funny finding in my email inbox the link to this piece on white privilege by Tim Wise.  The past couple of weeks, I’d been thinking the same kinds of things about Sarah Palin.  And I brought it up with a friend here and there.  But felt like it was really same s/t different day so….  But Mr. Wise, as usual, blesses us with his very entertaining and concise collection of facts and angling to show just how ridiculous, irrational and insane white supremacy is.  My only problem with his piece is the same problem with almost all pieces like the one he wrote as well as others he has written.  And other similiar pieces written by other anti-racist activists.

The problem is that I got his link forwarded to me by a white person.  By that, I don’t mean to say that people lacking melanin can’t appreciate a rational appeal for above board dealing in presidential elections.  Of course, many white folkcan and this electoral cycle, are trying to do just that.  The problem with pieces like this is that white folks don’t see themselves in this.  They see this as an indictment of the mass media.  And it surely is.  But the mass media is giving white people what they expect.  What they want.  And too many white liberals think themselves somehow apart from the white mass that demands, even if subconsciously, the tireless racial double standard that is but one small part of white supremacy.

I don’t mean to be critical in a biting way about this thought piece or the larger body of work produced by Tim Wise.  I’m just talking aloud, I guess.  Where is all this going?  White liberals read this stuff and they give Amens! to it but when they logout of email, close out Firefox and send their Macbooks into hibernation it’s like they flip a switch.  The closing of the Macbook also signals a switch that I and many Black folks that try to ally with these whites, have seen too many times.  It signals the switch from keyboard anti-racist to regular urban liberal white citizen.   Who rolls with an all-white crowd (or very close to all white), participates in white activities, speaks the white lingo and basically when away from the net where they have an anti-racist identity, lead a very white offline life.

I agree with your conclusion Mr. Wise.  The primary problem in this country is white privilege, white supremacy.  But if it is to be dismantled the folks that are going to have to make the serious changes are busy patting themselves on the back for reading and forwarding your articles to select friends (they never forward your articles to ALL their friends).  White supremacy won’t be taken apart with the election of a president endowed with melanin.  It won’t be destroyed by the election of any president.  Or the election of anyone.  Period.  I used to think that it would be defeated singularly by the emergence of autonomous, self-determining communities of color.  And I do still believe in that necessity.  But I’m convinced now that the permanence of racism and white supremacy in this society requires actual change on the part of the US’ problem people: our amalgamation of European descendents who think themselves to be white.  I challenge you, Mr. Wise to focus more on them and less on the highest folks in the society.  It isn’t the head of state but the everyday white person living in major US cities that needs to pull her/his head out of the sand.